Phonograph preamplifier recommendation

I just bought an rega p3, circa 2004. I need a phonograph preamplifier, any recommendations? This will be hooked through a Cary 11a preamplifier, Cary 7 amp. Magnepan 1.6 speakers. Price range used 450 +/-
PS Audio GCPH for just a little more money would be my choice. Excellent unit for the price.

SimAudio LP3, (around $300 used) would be my second choice.
I have both the PS GCPH and the Dynavector P75. The GCPH is more flexible and has balanced outputs, which is key for my system, as my preamp has only balanced connections. But in many ways I think the sound from the P75 is better, and it's available in your price range. It's a strong choice for the price.


Disclaimer: I might be selling my P75 in the next few months.
A used Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk. It's a small battery-powered unit that works well with any cartridge and sounds great.
Thanks for your input. I have put a bid in for the PS Audio...