phonocable for dynavector xv-1s

I want advice, best cable for dynavector drt xv-1s,
what cable you find better result?
I use dynavector xv-1s with dynavector dv-505 and pnono aqvox 2ci mkII
Many thanks and greetings
Loreliv, as you probably know, cables can be very system dependent. That being said, I would suggest that you try the Synergistic Research Tricon phono cable. I have found it to be a great cable in my system for a price tag that is very reasonable by high end standards.

BTW, in my reference system, I am currently using the Synergistic Tricon phono cable to connect the Dynavector XV-1s and DV-507 MkII tonearm combo to a darTZeel full function preamp.
Trying to respond to your question, I looked-up your arm and found that dynavector recommends a cable with a "5P connector with low resistance cord 0.025ohms/m , 37pF/m."

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with a "5p connector." I'm assuming that is a 5 pin DIN connector? If so, I just purchased for my system the Furutech AG 12 Phono Cable after comparing it in my home with Analysis Plus and Boulder Nitro.

I do not recommend the Boulder Nitro as the build quality of mine was poor and did not support the expense. I found both the Furutech and Analysis Plus cables to be very neutral, with excellent build quality. My ears could not hear any difference between the two, and both were cleaner and clearer than the Boulder Nitro.

After listening, I chose the Furutech because it was $100.00 less than the Analysis Plus. But if they had been the same price, I would have chosen the AP because it is more supple and easier to position on my crowded shelf.

Best regards,

Regarding the appropriate phono cable termination for the Dynavector tonearms, I can tell you that my Dynavector DV507 MkII tonearm requires a 5-pin DIN connector - that is, the same connector found in the SME tonearms. I assume that the DV505 tonearm uses an identical 5-pin DIN connector, but I can't be certain of this.

Consttraveler, which Analysis Plus cable did you audition in your system? I believe there are three different models offered by AP: the Low Mass Oval (about $400 retail), the Solo Crystal Oval (abut $600 retail), and the Silver Oval (about $900 retail). I happen to own both the Analysis Plus Silver Oval phono cable and the Synergistic Research Tricon phono cable.

In my audio systems, the Synergistic Tricon cable is better than the AP Silver Oval cable. The sound of the Tricon cable is more natural, whereas the Analysis Plus cable has just a bit of "hi-fi" sound (subtle treble coloration). In addition, the Tricon cable is better at resolving space.

Both cables are excellent, but, in my case, the Synergistic Tricon cable won the contest. As a result, I am running the Tricon cable in my reference system, and I have moved the Analysis Plus Silver Oval cable to the analog rig in my SET system.

Another cable that is worth considering is the Hovland Music Groove. I have not personally heard it in my system, but people whose ears I trust indicate it is one of the top phono cables available - and the price is about the same as the Synergistic Tricon and AP Silver Oval cables.

I believe The Cable Company carries all three of these brands. Why not audition two or three of these cables under the lending library program and pick the one that suits you and your system the best? (If you are located outside the U.S., this may not be an option.)

I auditioned the Low Mass Oval. My TT design makes it very hard to use a "stiff" cable without putting side pressure on the DIN connection.

I believe that SME tonearms use a right angle DIN connector and the Dynavector a straight DIN connector.

Dealer disclaimer.
to operate your aqvox to it full potential in current mode, you will need xlr on the phono preamp side. so you might need some sort of custom termination. i just ordered a custom furutech din/xlr ag-12 myself. i don't have it yet tho.
Dear Cincy_bob: +++++ " In my audio systems, the Synergistic Tricon cable is better than the AP Silver Oval cable. The sound of the Tricon cable is more natural, whereas the Analysis Plus cable has just a bit of "hi-fi" sound (subtle treble coloration). " +++++

as you already posted almost always is system dependent. I'm too for the Analysis Plus.

Now, IMHO and knowing very well your Phonolinepreamp I think that the one that it is neutral is the Analysis Plus because the Dartzeel unit has a high deviation on the high frequencies and what the Analysis Plus is telling you is that " trouble " instead to hide it like the non-neutral Tricon.

Btw, your advise to Loreliv about The Cable Company is a very good one.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, for what it's worth, the guys at The Cable Company have the same impression of the Analysis Plus cable based on their experience with a variety of other phono preamplifiers. That is to say they believe the Synergistic Tricon cable is the more neutral cable.

I reached this conclusion personally by listening to the cables in question in both my reference system where the darTZeel preamp resides and in my SET system, where I am using the Benz Lukaschek T9 phono stage.
Dear Cincy_bob: I can't argue on The Cable Company impression about because I don't know nothing about their audio systems.

Now, for me a neutral audio item is that one that add the less and loose the less to the audio signal. You and me know that at the phono stage frequency response the Dartzeel has some deviation that " colored " the dartzeel performance: + 1.8db on the high frequency range and + 2.5db on the other frequency extreme with a " high " asymetry response between left and right channel, IMHO maybe this could be name it " hi-fi " sound and due to the Analysis Plus neutrality IMHO that is precisely what you are hearing through it against the less neutrality of the Tricon cable that tame/tailored those facts.

Anyway, this is only my opinion with the information, real measurements, first hand experiences and common sense that I have on the subject.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, have you heard the Synergistic Tricon phono cable in your audio system?

Dear Cincy_bob: Absolutely not.

My thoughts about are that the Silver Oval show the Dartzeel frequency deviations and for what you posted it seems to me that the Tricon does not do it, maybe I understand in a wrong way what you posted.

I know very well the Silver Oval and not only because is the one that I 'm using but because I already try several other cables and I heard the Analysis Plus one in other systems and adding to that I know the Dartzeel sound too.

Now,if there is a cable that can't tell you the frequency deviations on the Datzeel phono stage my common sense tell me that maybe that cable is not totally neutral against the one that show it.
Of course that it is a little unfair my comments about because I'm not hearing what you are and because that " hi-fi " sound that you are speaking is not totally clear/precise to me so my assumptions are for what I have on hand like I already told you.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I'm using the Synergistic Tricon cable with my DV-507MKII tonearm, I smile every time I listen to vinyl... :O)
thanks for your suggestions.
cable tricon analog seems to be very interesting...
the color of my system analog is with tendency to the white..
I would not like a cable with the white sound.. but natural.
does someone of you use the phono aqvox with the dynavector xv-1s?
what sound does it get?
thanks anchor and regards. loredana
Currently I am using a Dynavector XV-1, Graham Phantom , ASR Exclusive phono and XLO Signature 2 phono cable.

Throughout the past few months I have compared only a few phono cables with my new table.

Graham 70 series that was purchased with my arm, Nordost Tyr including Hovland Groove 2 and XLO Signature.
All are exceptional cables.

I settled on the XLO Signature for it's neutrality across the board.

There is a Signature 3 phono, however it is the exact cable as the Sig. 2.

I'm sure JMO and Cincy Bob's suggestion to try the Synergistic Tricon would be a cable you should also look into to.

Borrow and try what you can, it is system dependent.
I just got my Din-XLR Furutech Ag-12 today. I use an Aqvox 2CII as well but a Dynavector XX-2 MkII not an XV-1S. So it's similar but not exact. I have a Cardas Golden Cross for reference. So far the AG-12 is quieter and has a bit more resolution. The Cardas is sweeter and more relaxed.
Haven't compared it to much but I'm loving my Stealth Hyperphono with my XV1s on my Phantom arm. Detailed without being harsh, full hamonics, quiet backgrounds, relaxed natural sound. It's the complete package and highly recommended.

i have a new dynavector xv1s on my vpi superscoutmaster reference and it is the greatest thing i've heard in analog so far and i'm using audioquest cheetahs. very natural sounding. i have rca terminations on these. if you are limited to a right angle din, the close equivalent is the audioquest leopard tonearm cable which is a cheaper, better value cable that gives same kind of sound.
Audioquest LEOpard