Phono to Digital In

I have a Bel Canto pre and amp. The pre is a DAC 2.5 with digital in only. I want to resurrect y analog collection that has lain dormant for several years. The obvious problem is that the Bel Canto Pre/Dac only has digital ins s how do i get the signal from a phono onto the Bel Canto:
Option 1: Use a phono with a digital out. Talk about doing things the long way round; analog to digital and then back to analog. I tried a test  a pro-ject usb phono using the USB connection to the Bel Canto. Although the phono was putting out a USB signal it was / is not readable from the Bel Canto. I could record the signal ito my Mac (proving there was indeed a signal) bit could not hear anything when played directly through the Bel Canto. Perhaps there is another US phono that is made for this purpose. Any suggestions on where else to look?
Option 2: Bypass the Bel Canto Pre /Dac altogether and use a Phono pre with a gain control. Run RCA outs from the  phono into my bel canto amp. The amp has two types of analog ins; balanced and unbalanced. The balanced are used by the DAC leaving the RCA"s open. There are swithches at the back of the amp to change from balanced to unbalanced its a royal PITA to always have to reach behind the amp and feel for the switch. This option is workable but not ideal?
Option 3: Buy a new pre with analog ins. Mo money that i don't necessarily want to spend.

Any suggestions?
Option 3, or don't waste your time. Running your vinyl setup through an AD converter defeats the whole purpose. If you just want to have access to your music on vinyl, it would make more sense to record/rip your records one time to get them digital. But if you want the sound quality of analog, you should really get an analog preamp and phono stage.

Also, before you connect balanced and SE components to your amp at the same time, make sure you can do so without damaging your equipment. I know there's a switch, but still make sure. 
Another vote for option 3 because you can't put a round peg into a square hole.  Do analog right or don't do it all.
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Used a Music hall phono this morning bypassing the Bel Canto pre altogether. Glorious sound and works until i go all out with option 3.
Thanks for the help