Phono switch box cable question

I just ordered a phono switch box so that I can use my phono preamp with either of my two turntables.  Both cartridges are low output moving coils and I use the same loading and gain parameters.  The unbalanced phono cables and respective ground wires from each turntable connect to separate inputs on the switch box while another set of unbalanced cables goes from the output to the phono preamp.  Should this output interconnect resemble a phono cable and be high capacitance or will a standard low capacitance interconnect cable work, or doesn't it matter?  Thanks.
While it may or may not make much difference, it would be preferable for all three cable sets to have low capacitance. See the post by JCarr (Lyra cartridge designer Jonathan Carr) dated 8-14-2010 in the following thread:

As you read that post, keep in mind that the load capacitance seen by either cartridge will be the sum of the capacitances of all of the wiring between that cartridge and the input of the phono stage, plus the input capacitance of the phono stage, plus the capacitance of the switchbox.

-- Al
Low capacitance phono.

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Thank you for the replies!  This makes total sense and is consistent with the advice I just received from Mike at Esoteric Sound from whom I purchased the Rek-O-Kut phono switch box.  Thank you all!