Phono stages under 800 to compete with ARC PH3

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has any advice about phono stages under $800 that compete or out perform the ARC PH3. I had the ARC for a bit and loved it. I regrettably sold it, and now im in the market for a new stage, but want to keep my options open. Does anyone know how CJs separate stages would compare to the PH3?

Many carts will be used with it but do not need much gain since my lowest cart is 1.6mv.

I also would prefer it to be tubed. Thanks
I doubt you'll find a separate CJ phono stage for under 800.00. The average used CJ EV-1 goes for 990.00. Your 1.6mv cart would be a good match for the EV-1 though. I use a 2.5mv HOMC with my EV-1, and it works great for me. Not sure how the EV-1 would compare with the PH3, but from what I read on this site, I hear CJ's tube stuff generally sounds more tube like then ARC's tube stuff.
It is always a good thing to stay with what you already know you like; something different is something different, which you may or may not like.
There is an EAR 834P (the mm/mc version, which is what you would want) for sale on A'gon right now for $795.00. I used to own an ARC PH3se, and currently have the 834P in my system. I would say it is definitely competitive, and with low-output moving coil cartridges is an improvement, IMHO.
Sorry, meant to add that while you don't have any low-output MC cartridges right now, why not get the most versatile unit you can -- you never know what the future might bring. ;)
Have a look at the Ray Samuel Audio (RSA) F-117 Nighthawk MC/MM phonostage.

Excellent reviews, battery operated and all adjustments are via external knobs.

I compared it to the Nagra BPS and preferred the F-117, so I bought one!

Don't be fooled by its price or size:
I had the same experience as Rdavwhitaker. I give the edge to EAR. I would also look into the Nighthawk.
My experience with the 834P and ph3se were very different than cited above. The 834P was not even remotely competitive, in my system.

Many have observed how much better the ph3se was vs. the ph3. since you liked yours, save up to get the se version. about $300 more.