Phono stage with volume control?

I'm looking for a good phono stage with built-in volume control, so I can avoid using a preamp. Any suggestions under $3,000 Agon price?


This one is made by same person designing the Art Audio Reference phonostage. Lots of good comments here:
K&K maxxed-out kit

Also, I would suggest a Shindo Aurieges MM full function preamp + a Cinemag step-up transformers (although that may push the price envelope somewhat.)
Jeff, that is essentially what our preamps are. We interjected enough switching to allow the AUX inputs to use the final stage of the phono as a line section. You might be able to find a used MP-3 for that price. They are completely balanced, just as phono cartridges are a balanced source.
Well below your price range, but it performs like a $3k stage! The PS Audio GCPH has a volume control and has a very smooth, wonderful sound to it. Fully balanced XLR output too.
ear does it, but not remotely.
The EAR 834p has a volume control. Be careful that the output is adequate to drive whatever amp you are using. Phono preamps typically feed a line stage where additional gain is added.
Art Audio Vinyl One. Wonderful performer. I first purchased EAR 834B and then PS Audio GCPH. These both had great sound quality. With my set up I find the Vinyl One notably better. I've had it now for 2 years +.
Thanks for the great suggestions.
Music Reference RM-4+
The PS Audio GCPH. But at $999.99 new w/warranty, maybe you'd be slumming?