phono stage with two inputs

need a phono stage with 2 inputs. got 2 tonearms. 1 mc cartridge and 1 mm. don't know where to look & don't want to break the bank. thks.
Hi Dmgrant1

Sorry if this is an oddball suggestion but if you have the space how about an Accuphase C200 vintage preamp as a phono stage? I have it and it has 2 phono stage inputs. With both you can adjust the volume of each channel of each turntable via the disc volume knobs in the rear. You can also make adjustments to the impedance on one of the turntables via controls in the front. If you wanted to have a fixed output to your existing preamp just use one of the Tape Record outputs. If not just use the existing preamp outputs.

I've seen Accuphase C-200 preamps range in price from $300 to $700 in pristine condition. Check it out. It is a vintage unit but a solid one. Best of luck with the search.
Many have dual inputs for mc/mm. Cambridge 640 has both with a little switch in the rear.
It would be helpful if you better defined "break the bank".

Aesthetix Rhea has two inputs
The new Jasmine LP 2.5DU has 2 inputs and handles MM and MC. I have one of their earlier models and it is stellar at reproducing music. You can purchase through Ebay or Amazon for around $500plus.

Do a little research on the web for others reviews. Arthur Salvatore even has it on his site.
Can you be more specific than "don't want to break the bank"?
allnic h-1200
Pass XP25 has two inputs. It costs about $10K. Don't know if that is breaking the bank.
Zesto andros.
Mm and mc inputs. . Retail 4300 but punches above its weight according to many. I own one and run two tone arms, although I currently switch the cables as both carts are mc.

I plan to get a high end sut in future to make use of the mm inputs with my mc cartridge.
Sorry, been out of town. I could budget about $2000.00. Thanks again for your responses.
Herron VTPH2 is well liked. You can find one used in your price range occasionally.
I own the Jasmine LP 2 and agree with Redglobe's advice.
I also own the Basis Exclusive which has two separate pres
and is as made for two tonearms. If you can afford this one
and live in Europe try '' . There are always
some offered as second hand. Otherwise the A'gon market.
All (year)versions are very good but you should avoid
2005/6 years because those lack the MM input. If I rememer
well that is. BTW the batteries can be get everywhere for
about $20 a piece.
If you can find a used Musical Fidelity kW phono it has two completely separate stages, one each for Low Output Moving Coil cartridges and one for Moving Magnet cartridges. It's dead quite and highly thought of.
EAR 912 is great. All controls right on the front. MC/MM, doesn't matter.