Phono stage with 3 inputs

Looking for a phono stage with 3 inputs. Any suggestions appreciated. 
Very few have three inputs and the ones that do are very expensive.
The Pass XS Phono has three, I believe the Constellation Orion has three. The Swiss HSE Phono Amp has three, and the CH Precision has three. I hope you have a very deep wallet. Of the three I dream about getting the Orion as it is a John Curl design and I have never heard a bad John Curl design. They have all been fabulous.
A few...Jeff Rowland Conductor - 1MM input + up to 3 MC inputs
Wavestream Kinetics Phono Stage - 1MM + 2MC inputs
Solution 751 or 755 - 1MM + 2MC inputs
Thanks for the "input". Will check them out, but will probably be a wallet problem. 
Aesthetix Rhea has 3. The new Gold Note PH-1000 will have 3 when it's released, although one will be XLR, I believe. Allnic H3000 has 4.
Manley Steelhead has one MM and two independently adjustable MC inputs. Gain can be varied from 50db to 65 db in 5-db increments.  All single-ended inputs.
DSA Phono II.  Three inputs 40-60db, balanced or SE inputs and output.
Why not go for a stand-alone phono stage + full-featured preamp? For example, I use a McIntosh C2300 pre that has both mm and mc.  Then I run a Modwright phono stage into one of the C2300 aux inputs.  The Modwright has both mm and mc inputs.  This setup gives me 4 total phono inputs, 2 mm, 2 mc.
VAC Renaissance phono stage has 3 inputs and sounds absolutely amazing. 
Thoress Phono Enhancer has 6 inputs.

Or, you could by three Lino C 2.0 for $2500 each. "Stupid -Great for the money," Michael Fremer. 
Brinkmann Edison, 3 inputs, 2 inputs are XLR or RCA, 1 input is RCA only
Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl and Nu Vista both have 3 inputs, I believe.
I use a Mcintosh C2500 which two phono imputs, MM & MC.  My 3rd TT uses a Jolida JD-9 into the AUX channel of the Mc.  This configuration was not overly pricy and performs well.  I also have a SUT in case I want to run three MC devices.  Tube rolling has gotten expensive lately so I roll cartridges, "Big Smile"
The question I would ask to those who mention "XLR" inputs is are the phono circuits fed by the XLR inputs configured for true balanced operation or not?  Usually the answer is no.  Without the balanced circuitry, an XLR input is simply faddish, not adding much.
Gold Note will be coming out with one very soon. I have a PH 10 with 2 and it sounds outstanding.