Phono Stage Upgrade

I have been reading through most of the threads and discussions related to phono stages and was struck by a comment on how one’s phono stage investment should be approximately equal to the spend on one’s turntable. 

I currently have the Sutherland Little Loco, which has been not given me any issues at all. However, with my current setup of a Palmer 2.5i and the Audio Orgami arm plus a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum cartridge, I am wondering if I am missing out on the potential of this combination?

 I am definitely intrigued by the ARC 3SE and PH9, but am unsure of the interplay between these phono stages and my current cartridge and tonearn. I am not interested in having to recable anything and also read something about a quirky approach to power mains with ARC. I am running all of my gear using LFD mains and am quite happy with them. 

Finally, it is not entirely obvious where to actually purchase this gear as there is no one local to me and my two usual dealers (Gene Rubin and Fidelis) don’t carry ARC. I would love a recommendation as to a dealer I might contact. I will also keep my eyes open for a reputable used option. 

Thanks in advance for your help.