Phono stage upgrade

It is the tine to upgrade my phono stage. For the first year of comeback in vinyl I used a heavy modded NAD 1130. For its price ($200) it is superb. Now, I would like to try something else.

My budget is $600 (including the power supply).

My cartridge is an Ortofon Super OM40 (MM).

What is in your opinion the best (used) phonostage under $600 for Moving magnet?

Thank you for your help.
There is an EAR 834P for sale at $625, the model without volume control I would guess which is a plus. Whether or not it is the best is subjective, but it should be on anyone's list of the best. With a few mods these little boxes can compete with the big boys. I spent almost $3000 to better the one I used to own.
Graham Slee Era Gold Mark V.
ANother vote for the EAR834 I had mine modded and it is the last phonstage I will ever need.
Dynavector P75 is my strong recommendation. It can be had new for $600, or used for around $450. You do have to set jumpers, but if that doesn't bother you, this is an absolutely amazing phono stage and is very flexible, working with a wide variety of cartridges. It sounds way, way better than it should for something its price.
I can offer you a Threshold SL-10 which has an excellent phono stage, $500. If you go the route of a preamp upgrade that includes an excellent phono stage you gain the addition of an overall sonic upgrade plus cable savings.
Try the Rotel Unit I forget the model they only make one.
Wright WPP 100 or 200 if you can find a used one. Hard to find used because most people keep them. I think they are $825, new
Graham Slee Era Gold Mark V: especially good synergy with Hadcock arm and Music Maker cartridge.
Second the vote for the Dynavector p75....I feel I would have to spend almost three times as much to get something materially better
Thank you all. I got a John Linsley Hood phono stage, built by Williams Hart. Linsley Hood dedicated his life to circuitry design (1969-2004), and his books are highly regarded by all important designers. A phono stage build by a guru in a vinyl lovers country? - WOW!!!
Although I got the Linsley Hood phonostage, I am thinking to try another one in the same time (for comparison).

It seems there are 3 contenders:
- Rogue Stealth
- EAR 834P
- Dynavector P-75

Now, is anyone that had the opportunity to listen all of them? If so, which was the favorite?

Thank you