Phono Stage to replace Sonic Frontiers Phono 1

Currently have a VPI Scout with Benz micro glider M2 (.8) cartridge. Also using a Jadis DA-30 Integrated tube amp, synergistic cables, and Audio Physic Virgo III speakers. Would like to add a little warmth and body to the sound. Also the highs with the Phono 1 seem a little wavy, twangy or perhaps a touch slow, especially when listening to the piano.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Check into the EAR units.
Pmavridis, what is your budget?
I'd like to keep it under $1,500 and certainly am open to a used unit.
I can suggest a killer phono stage in the price range. Will e-mail you offline.
Keep the Phono 1, put in some good NOS. I don't think you can find anything better at $1500 used, not even ARC PH3SE. EAR is not even close.
The Plinius M 14 is among the best you will get and can sometimes be had for 1500 or close to it. Retails for 3495 or so - It kills all mentioned. The EAR with Telefunken Falcon tubes will demolish the Phono 1. Sorry but have owned both - still have the EAR and the Plinius. The Phono 1 will improve with the Telefunkens but keeps that twangy sound that aggravated me.
I agree 100% with Ljgj
Do yourself a big favor and check out Kevin Carter's phono kit at K&K Audio. For $1500 you can purchase the 'complete' kit. It is esencially an Art Audio Reference that they sell for $4000. I'll put mine that I built up against any 'high zoot' preamp out there.
Bingo - John. This is the stage I was referring to and I will put mine to the same challenge, including anything up to the Aesthetix IO.
You may also want to check out the Hagerman Trumpet. It is a little more than you want to spend new but is an outstanding buy for the money.
I've heard the Phono1 and thought the exact opposite as "highs" go. I was hearing a a Benz Lo4 and and Aries. I found it really smooth and warm, the same went for hearing it with a totally differnt deck/arm/cart. In fact I have been trying to match what I heard and cannot. I'd look at something else as the cause. I'd try differnt tonearm cables first if you can. I really think the Phono1 is not the problem
Try Acoustech PH-1P $1500.00 list new. Can find at normal discount. I watch for one to come up used for A long time no luck. For what its worth its rated in Stereophile class A
I know. But is A good phono stage.
If I were you, I'll get a full function preamp like counterpoint SA-5000 with a seperate amp like Mac MC240