Phono Stage That's not Schiit

I purchased a Rega P3 with their EYL2 cart installed - a big step up from my previous TT. I also picked up a Schiit Mani phono stage - hoping it would suffice - but I now know it's the weak point in my set-up. This is running through a Krell S-550i and N804s. I'm ready to upgrade the phono stage and have been reading threads here, but a lot of what is recommended is at higher cost then what I spent on the P3/EYL2. I don't anticipate upgrading the TT in the near future, but  the cart - yes. I'm hoping to find a phono stage for >$1k than will bring out the best of what I have. The  Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 is one I'm looking at. I would prefer a warmer sound since the Krell is already cool-ish for me. I could go higher than $1k, I'm just not sure my rig warrants it. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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For a little more than 1k you could try a rogue triton 2 or a parasound jc3jr these would both be a big upgrade from what you already have.
I picked up a Moon 110lp v2 for less than $500 and am pleasantly surprised at how good it is. I like it better than the built in phono stage of my McIntosh integrated and also better than my Music Reference RM5. I’m using Cardas Iridium from tt to the Moon and Shunyata Venom from Moon to the Mac. All together it was just over $1k including cables.
Thanks for all the great suggestions. A lot to consider. I appreciate the feedback.