Phono Stage That's not Schiit

I purchased a Rega P3 with their EYL2 cart installed - a big step up from my previous TT. I also picked up a Schiit Mani phono stage - hoping it would suffice - but I now know it's the weak point in my set-up. This is running through a Krell S-550i and N804s. I'm ready to upgrade the phono stage and have been reading threads here, but a lot of what is recommended is at higher cost then what I spent on the P3/EYL2. I don't anticipate upgrading the TT in the near future, but  the cart - yes. I'm hoping to find a phono stage for >$1k than will bring out the best of what I have. The  Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 is one I'm looking at. I would prefer a warmer sound since the Krell is already cool-ish for me. I could go higher than $1k, I'm just not sure my rig warrants it. any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’m perhaps biased, but I’m really liking my Hagerman Trumpet. A lot. $1,099, includes shipping.

I had a Mani as well before I made this leap. Well worth it.
Tavish design, it’s not shiit....the pro-ject tube box ds2, a beauty of a phono preamp and also not....well you know....
I have a Parks Audio Budgie and it’s a killer tube phono preamp but Shannon decided to retire it. His new product is the Puffin, which I’ve not heard but has a strong following. Great company to work with. Don’t let the price fool you as my Budgie has embarrassed units 2X the price from one of the most respected brands out there. I’d look at the Puffin.
A lot of good recommendations. 

I owned the Quicksilver and it is very good. 
JLTi (don't forget to convert from AUD to USD, it's just $1195 with shipping) 
Decware ZP3 Sweet tube sound, lifetime warranty, and if you need a SUT they make it easy with a couple different ones and a lifetime exchange program. Direct sales makes this equivalent to a $2500 stage. Only drawback, the wait time is a couple months. Which seems to me that is in its favor, as a lot of the really good stuff is like this.
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+ 1 on the Puffin BIG bang for the buck 450-650. new...

+ 1 ZP3 Decware. 1200-2200. new. There are NO used ZP3s

LONG wait time.  I purchased mine Nov. 9, 2020 They posted my purchase  Nov 19, 2020

They haven't pulled the parts YET.. The 9th will be 6 months.

It also has a Tape option if you like..

32-36 weeks is actual build times though.. Guy need to hire some help.

Soundsmith too.. 4 weeks in stock.. Still no shipping..  One sick puppy..
That one I'm having a bit of a time with.. We'll see..

Sorry guys I went back to work after being shot and shattering my collar bone, three days later. Being BROKE never really slowed me down.. BECAUSE something always was, that make sense.. You get use to it being a mechanic.. Just the way it is.. three disk (2 in my neck one in my lower back) and WHOLE right hand right now...

oh  oh,, 16 heart attacks last year. Forgot about that.. Stupid thing..

I'm lucky, Guy at Soundsmith, they fitted him right up with blood clot for 6 months or so.. Took 4 months for my little clot BS last year. Never did get my wind back..

Puff Puff Pass brother.. I need to learn to stick and jab a little better.. I'm gettin' hit way too much.. LOL

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Consider this period in your audio life as an opportunity to get the best you can afford in a phono stage. You'll not be disappointed in the future.
Yeah, I understand your problem. I struggled with inexpensive ones. I bought highly recommended ones from a few hundred dollars and kept doubling it. I was always shocked by how bad they were. I finally got satisfied when I bought an Audio Research PH6... I think it was. I was never even remotely happy with phono stages until they were in the multiple thousands of dollars. But, you’ll get there. Happily I now own a Audio Research Ref 3, a wonderful sounding component.
I picked up a Project Tube Box S2 (not the DS2) a while back. Multiple gain and loading options available so matching to different carts is easy. Replaced the tubes with some Gold Lions, then bought a linear power supply to top it off. Now with that setup it definitely punches above its price range even if it seems like decking out a Honda to be a race car. I know you're looking bigger budget, but take the extra cash and spend it on the cart upgrade and a killer set of cables. Just my $0.02.
I agree with statements regarding price point where phono stages are concerned. So I would stress buying a used phono amp and suggest doing that before anything else. For whatever reason, analogue/vinyl equipment costs a lot.
I am very happy with a used Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena.  I believe I got mine for about $600.  The rest of the chain is Soundsmith SMMC 1, Rogue Cronus Magnum II, and Ohm Walsh 4, so i’m not sure how resolving it is for minor phono stage differences in sound.
Try finding a used Gold Note PH10 you'll be very happy. It's very flexible and sonically wonderful IMO
Channel Islands PEQ-1 is exceptional in that price range, a couple hundred more gets you the optional power supply...•1-mkii-mmmc-phono-preamplifier

For a little more than 1k you could try a rogue triton 2 or a parasound jc3jr these would both be a big upgrade from what you already have.
I picked up a Moon 110lp v2 for less than $500 and am pleasantly surprised at how good it is. I like it better than the built in phono stage of my McIntosh integrated and also better than my Music Reference RM5. I’m using Cardas Iridium from tt to the Moon and Shunyata Venom from Moon to the Mac. All together it was just over $1k including cables.
Thanks for all the great suggestions. A lot to consider. I appreciate the feedback. 
I also have a Schiit Mani and consider it the weak link.  
Just wondering if anyone has tried the QHW  "The Vinyl" phono pre from Spain. Michael Fremer raved about this inexpensive amp. $750.
Dynaudio P75 is an incredible value and under $1k, even less if you get one used. Really flexible loading options, so it’s one that can stick around in your system for a long time. It was the component that lasted the longest in my system by far before finally getting replaced by a PS Audio Stellar last year.
You wrote, "I'm hoping to find a phono stage for >$1k..."  Greater than $1K, in other words.  But I am thinking you meant to say "less than $1K". In any case, you got a lot of suggestions for units hovering around $1K in price.  Maybe that is because some others were as confused as me.  These days there is a plethora of good sounding phono stages for less than $1K.  To the list, I would add another, the iFi iPhono3.  I think the price now pushes the $1000 upper limit that I am assuming.  Look for Fremer's review on his blog or in S'phile.  He loved it.
op has gotten a lot of recommendations

i would suggest a lehmann as a no nonsense, very quiet and good sounding choice... not euphonic, just quiet, pure, with plenty of gain

parenthetically, i think hudson below means a DYNAVECTOR p75...  it is a good unit, especially with dynavector carts, but it can be a little finicky with noise
Up for consideration OP is a Audiokultura phono stage, the Iskra 1(Milfex Copper caps) IMO is an animal when it comes to pulling out micro and macro detail from my LP's. Resolute, composed, quiet, quick, and spot on neutral, there are positive online reviews to which you can read from.

QHW Audio, I took a hard look at The Vinyl after they posted one here with links to MF's review.  Their all discrete approach, class A RIAA filter included with less than .1% error, and 36V power supply are intriguing to me.

Just get a Rega Fono. There’s a used one on the web for $200. Made for the Elys2/Exact2. Matches perfectly - no fuss, sounds good, reliable, and with great support from a real company - enough of the BS single guy operating out of a proverbial garage.

Edit - no, no connection to seller in MN.  
Search used Rega Aria, Heed Audio Quasar and Psu, Aqvox phono, Audiolab 8000 PPA you won’t be disappointed if you don’t have enough budget to buy thousands of dollars phono.