Phono stage recommendations for under $500

Hello all,

I need some recommendations for a phonostage. It will be mated with a Bryston BP-20 pre-amp. Would like to know whats available for under $500 used. Ideally would like to accomodate both MM and MC.

Thanks in advance
A used Lehman Black Cube with the PWX power supply. about $400 on the 'gon
Ditto what "Banksfriend" said. I have the Lehmann Black Cube with PWX power supply, and it's paired with a Bryston SP-1 pre/pro (same analog circuitry as the BP-25), and the combo works very well together.
Try the K&K tranny. Under $300 new. I liked MUCH better than the cube.

I know you said MM and MC cartridges, but I will convey the following: I use a Bryston BP-1 moving magnet phono stage in my second system, and it is actually darn good (it is not quite as good, but only not quite, as the phono stage in the CAT Mark III preamp I used to own, and sounds really great when used with expensive interconnects). I almost never see them used, but they are +/- $500 used, and are built like a tank. 20 year warranty, of course.

Good luck.
A used Counterpoint preamplifier is supposed to be a very good phono unit and the prices are right. There is a SA3 for sale right now for less than 400