phono stage recommendations for garrard zero 100

this unit is very clean, has good condition adc25 cartridge. want basic, but good mm stage for this rig, which at present is intended to be just for fun. using a dared mp-5 tube/hybrid 13wpc integrated and single driver speakers. just trying out the low watt world and decided to give a turntable a try. i have seen the music hall, bellari, and the like. any others for under 400?
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Cambridge 640, you should find it for around $179 new, my preference in this range.
a lehmann black cube should fall around 350 used. it would also offer a fine path for upgrade
10-02-07: Elevick
Cambridge 640, you should find it for around $179 new, my preference in this range.
Available here.
Or better yet here:

I have never heard the thing, this is not an endorsement.
i appreciate everyone's responses. the cambridge 640 looks like a good buy, thanks for the links, only because i have seen nothing but good things out of their entire line of electronics
Avrij, before you take the plunge, you should seriously consider a Bellari VP-129. I've owned several inexpensive SS phono pre's: NAD, Parasound, Musical Fidelity X-LPS. The tube-based Bellari sounded best in my opinion. It's hard to beat for less than $200 used. I see a couple for sale on Agon right now. -Mark
thanks for that vote mark, the variety of opinions is interesting. i am leaning towards some tube stage as i am being overcome by the little lights in the nite from my little dared.
I really like my Pro-Ject Tube Box II phono stage($350 new). MM/Mc capabilities. Great sound in my system for what it costs...excellent value. No complains at all.
FWIW, I thought the Bellari is MM only(?)
I got my 640 from Spearitsound!
I chose it over the Bellari for several reasons: I went for quality over quanity-the Bellari has headphone, volume and a fun little tube but at what expense to quality for that price range? Also the 640 is switchable mm/mc, I don't believe the Bellari is? Also, less to be bothered with on the 640-not a single control to mess with.
My final reason: The Bellari is tiny and my interconnects would pull it off the table...
Looking forward to a sound report!
If you are willing to do a little handy-work this would be one of the best under $1000.
Cornet2 Phonostage - half-kit version will cost you approximately $400.
thanks to all. went with the cambridge 640p. putting up new thread looking for fellow audio junky in tampa area interested in giving me a lesson in proper turntable setup.