Phono stage recommendations

I am using a parasound jc 3 (original) phono stage with my rega rp8 turntable with Apheta 2 catridge . My amplification are the ayre kx-r twenty with the Ayre MX-r twenty power amps . 
I like my parasound. I am thinking of replacing it with a ayre p-5xe phono preamp as the rest of my system is ayre.
will I be upgrading or will I mess up the sound with the change .
thanks in advance .
Personally I've had both the JC3 and JC3+ phono stages and never thought they were anything special

Now use either a GN PH10 or NVO tube  phono stage
 GN is very versatile. Have never heard the p-x5e so can't comment.
I just got the Ayre p5 xe about a week ago and it really works incredibly well layers of dynamics and very musical. You can find them used for about half price. Have not heard the Parasound.
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You might also want to look at the new Sutherland Mini Loco- it is voltage driven and requires no loading and/or gain settings and offers exceptional performance.
oops- meant to say "current input" instead of voltage input for the Little Loco from Sutherland... my bad

Something to think about with the Sutherland Mini Loco...…..for future reference, it can only be used with MC cartridges.
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In fact, it probably can only be used with low output moving coil cartridges. Because the internal resistance of the cartridge driving the current driven phono stage needs to be very low, for example, 10 ohms or less for the very best result.
Using a Herron VTPH-2A on my second turntable (refurbished Garrard 301) and concur with bpoletti.
I wanted a phono preamp with balanced out to ideally mate with my pass xp-22 linestage and was surprised many of the heavy hitters only offer RCA out.....

I am satisfied with the XP-17 pass phono preamp but am going to audition the XP-27 pass phono preamp to see if the separate beefier power supply is worth the extra $$$.....I have seen very little chatter about it even though its been out now for over 6 months....perhaps not pricey enough for some of the big spenders here and perhaps two pricey for most people...........I gotta say its gonna have to knock my socks out to justify additional expense.....the xp-17 is very good but felt that if I already have the two box line stage should at least try out the two box phono from Pass.....
I finally got the ayre p-5xe, to replace the parasound jc-3. I also wanted the balanced output . I hope I am happy with my choice . Haven’t listened to it enough to make any conclusion. Pass seems like a very good phono stage . 
Karmapolice, Go for the XP 27. You will not be sorry. The only better SS phono amp is the XS and we all know how much that costs.  For tube freaks the ARC Ref Phono 3 and 10 are the real deal.