Phono Stage Recommendation/ Advice

I purchased a Pro-ject Debut Carbon turntable. It comes with Ortofon 2M red cartridge.
My system consists of the following:
Anthem AVM50
BAT VK-6200
Marantz DV9600 mod by Underwood HiFi.
Klipsch Reference 7 system all modified by DeanG

I have no experience with vinyl.
From what I read so far I'm leaning towards these two:
Pro-ject TUBE BOX S
Musical Fidelity V90-LPS

Please advise
I use the MF V-LPS with my Pro-ject Debut Carbon and am very pleased with it. Nice performer for the price. It is paired with a MF CD PRE 24 preamp/ cd player, Prima Luna PL5 tube amp, and Opera Plateau speakers. Compliments the system very well. I would imagine that the MF V90 is similar, if not a bit better.

While not the Tube Box S, I have a Pro-ject Phono Box S and can't say enough good things about it. It is mated with a Pro-ject RM5.1 SE and Dynavector 10x5 MC cartridge. This phono stage embarrassed my previous Parasound phone stage that I had. It is ultra quiet, provides a deep, detailed soundstage and great top to bottom dynamics. I would think the Tube Box S would meet or exceed mine. Plus the big feature on this phono stage are the dip switches for full cartridge loading, found on the Tube Box S too. You can precisely dial in any cartridge you may end up using down the road for optimum performance.

The tone arm found on the Debut Carbon will accommodate a wide variety of cartridges and like most of us, you will probably start upgrading the stock Ortofon Red. The Tube Box S will be ready to handle anything you throw at it, even low output MC cartridges.

Hope this helps.
I bought a Heed Questar from an Audiogon member for $330. I hope it's worth it and sounds good.

Cheers to all.