Phono Stage Questions

My current system: Technics SL-1200 with full KAB mods, CJ ET5 Line Stage and ARTsa amp, Sony SS2 speakers. Current phono stage is a Creek OBH-15MK2. Cartridges include Ortofon 2M Black, Audio Technica AT150anv, and AT33 Mono 45th Anniversary. I am thinking about acquiring Ortofon Credenza Black and Credenza Mono too.

The phono performance is not where I want it to be. Compared to my digital source: Sony HAP-Z1ES, it lacks sparkle, clarity and space in the mids and highs and the bass is not as well controlled. I believe the remedy in part at least is a better phono preamp. Comments please.

I am considering a few: The Creek Wyndsor because it would facilitate cartridge swaps and has been favorably reviewed. Lehmann Silver Cube and CJ TEA2MAX might be overkill for my turntable, but I am sure that either would sound terrific. Since it is impossible to audition this stuff I am hoping that someone has heard any or all of these and can provide their impressions.
Following up, the cj TEA2MAX arrived last night. Not even broken in it sounds fantastic. I am thrilled with it.

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Thanks very much for your advice. Earlier today I ordered the CJ TEA2MAX mostly because I already have CJ electronics. My dealer is also an authorized Ortofon dealer so we discussed the Lehmmann Silver Cube, but not the Black Cube models. It was the dealer's opinion that I would like the cj phono stage better, based on his perception of my listening preferences. Since none of the phono stages under consideration are available to listen to, making this decision was very abstract. I believe all of the phono stages mentioned are very high grade.
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