Phono Stage Question Beginner

Hello, I am new to hifi, especially analog. Would this phono stage, be an improvement upon the internal phono stage in my vintage Pioneer receiver?

Current system -

Technics SL-1350 w/ grado gold mm
Pioneer SX-750
Boston Acoustics A-200's
Yes it should be better than your receivers phono input. I also recommend the NAD pp2 which for 30 dollars more gives u bothe mm and mc inputs. They are both bargains. Shay
This is actually a very good phono stage and a great bargain. You will be able to use it if you chose to upgrade from the Pioneer in the future.
I agree with the above. The V-LPS is a terrific little unit especially for $99 bucks!
Buy the NAD PP2 it is better by at least the price difference.
I had a NAD PP2 connected to my Onkyo home theater receiver. I used a Benz high-output ACE cartridge and thought it sounded like crap (detailed but thin and bright, not fleshed out at all).

Then I upgraded to the Onkyo TX SR705 with a built-in phono stage and I'm getting much better results.

So my advice is to try your receiver's phono stage and who knows, it may sound fine. If not, there's no guarantee that "upgrading" to an entry level budget phono stage will sound a lot better...
Thanks for all the responses! I've decided to put the VLPS on my Xmas list this year :) Looking forward to hearing it. First record I'm gonna test it with is a Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs pressing of Beck's Sea Change.