Phono Stage Question

I have a Goldring 1042 MM cartridge which has an output of 6.5mV. I am currently using a Monolithic PS-2 phone pre and I am looking to upgrade to something different, like a tube pre. Are there certain units I should be wary of given the relatively high output of my Goldring? What should I consider in the $1000 price range (new or used)?
Sutherland Ph3d is a good choice. I have a 1042 on my table right now with the Ph3d. I like the combo. It has adjustable loading and is very quite being battery operated. I just played with the settings till I found the sound I liked. There are others to consider at that price point but I can tell you the Ph3 brought a lot out of my 1042, it is the one I can attest to.
I would recommend looking at the Modwright 9.0SE phono stage. I have one using with VPI Scout and a Dynavector 20XH MC cartridge. I also tried out SAP phono stage (not seen any on Audiogon for sale, it good but for the money Modwright is hard to beat. The are tube phono stages.
EAR 834P is one of the finest phono stages at this price point and it is tubed.
I just ran across this thread and have been auditioning a PS 2 pre. Ive also had the sutherland and 834p. I dont think there is much difference with the sutherland and wouldnt consider it a significant upgrade or really an upgrade at all. The 834 is a completely different flavor and may really float your boat if you want a tube sound. I found the 834p a little to warm for my taste. You will have to go way up the food chain to beat the PS2 in a solid state unit. Tube units will sound different depending on tube type and design.