phono stage placement

Is it better to have the phono stage close to the TT with shorter ic's between the table, or the other way around, or does it matter? I would think the shorter the ic between tt and phono stage would be the better.
Correct, shorter is better, especially on the phono. On MC it is even more important. I have tried short and long with a ARC PH3SE and can always tell the difference.
How long is "long"? Is 1 meter generally acceptable for MC?
I used to try and keep phono cable as short as possible (0,5m being sufficient in my system), I was surprised though to find a number of reputable manufacturers offer 1,25m as standard length. At the moment, I am awaiting delivery of a Synergistic Research Tricon for auditioning, Ted Denney actually advised me not to go shorter than 1m with this cable.
1m or 0,6m are the usual standards between table & phono. Use a low capacitance cable if you can (low inductance of course).

You don't need that long a cable anyway. Just place the phono next to the TT.
ALthough shorter is better in most ways, there are also reflection and resonance issues that can factor in. This is why some people recommend 1.5m. If you can run your tonearm wires without a break from cartridge to preamp, that is best.
I , m using 1.6 M Incognito Silver Loom to a balanced imput
, a modified Audio Research PH 5 . Sounds fantastic .
Greetings Hans ( the Netherlands )