Phono Stage - Passive Pre- Amp: Results??

Has anyone used a passive pre between their phono stage and amplifier with good results? If so, could you share the specifics regarding hardware? thanx much in advance.
I use a Benz Lukaschek PP1 v9 for my Benz Silver Ref MC cartridge, which goes into a specially modded QED passive, which goes into my Eagle 4 amp. No problems, great sound as far as I can hear. Interconnects are Cardas Golden Cross and Ensemble.
I have probably one of the worst scenatios. LP12/Cirkus/Ekos/Lingo with 0.15mV Troika into an Aqvox 2CI MkII phono stage (72db gain) into Reference Line Preeminence 1B, Sonic Frontiers Power 2 1.25V RMS for 110 Watts into Totem Mani-2s 85db/W/m. This is all run balanced. The cartridge has very low output and the speakers have very low sensitivity. But it all works.
I have an Ayre P-5xe running balanced into a Diy Dact balanced attenuator to a Rowland Model 2 with perfect results.
I use a Ortofon Jubilee at .35 through a Loesch phono pre (70db gain?) with stepped attenuators, cartridge/fet-tube-tube-tube-volume/amp/speakers. It drives my Berning EA-230 and Quad ESL's (84-86db effecient?) just fine (medium to small room) and very transparent and dynamic. I rarely go past 1 o'clock for volume. IMHO you should pay close attention to the output impedance of the pre and input impedance of the amp.