Phono stage options - balanced with XLR both input and output...

I really like my Elac PPA-2, it's surprisingly good and has bested the few others I've tried.  I use XLR/balanced for input and output (for the first time with this one).

It is starting to glitch, and I am considering purchasing another one ('preowned'), but before I do wanted to check here what options you know of in terms of fully balanced phono stages with XLR input and output.


The newish Accuphase C-47 is fully balanced, with one XLR plus 3 RCA.inputs, along with RCA and XLR outputs.

Phono signals are really small, especially on MC, so

Run fully balanced.

Every time.

@hagtech ​​@lewm , phono cartridges are indeed balanced items. Just because the device does not have a third ground wire does not mean it is not balanced. In this case it is the tonearm that is grounded by the third wire. Ground is separated from the signal which is balanced push-pull.

I will shortly be turning over my Schroder to XLRs, it might take me 20 minutes.

+1 Coda 06x; the sleeper of all mentioned. The best solid state phono stage I've owned.