Phono Stage Opinions

I have an Audio Research LS 7 Preamp also a Technics SA 300 Receiver.
I tried the receiver phono stage on the AR preamp and it sounds decent.
Should I purchase an inexpensive phono stage or use this one ?
Thank you
@rocky what's your TT, arm, cartridge? When you say inexpensive what's your price point?
I have 3 turntables: (1 )Lenco L75...Audio Technica cartridge ( all stock )
(2) B & O   LX2 with MMi 3  cartridge
(3) Technics SL 1600 with Empire cartridge
My price point...around $250. but phono stage on SA300 does sound good.
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Sweet! If sounds good than don't worry, can't even think of what to suggest at your price point. I know the Gold Note PH-10 is so versatile it accepts to turntables and does MM or MC cartridges with many possible settings but it also is about $1000 more than you want to spend. I'd say just enjoy what you have and maybe save for something like the PH-10.
"it sounds decent"

Trust your ears. You answered your own question.

The built in will sound better than any $250+ stand alone box.

Subjectively, you may need to spend considerably more. If changing things up are important, I would look  for a nice High output MC Oor MMin that price range.

Better yet, just buy and listen to more records.

@rocky1313 is the SL-1600 a mk2 or mk1? The mk2 is a very nice turntable. Either would work very nicely with a modest cartridge upgrade to an Audio Technica VM540ML, which is a mid-high compliance moving magnet design. As for the phono stage, I’d say stick with the in-built preamp on the SA-300 receiver if you like the sound. It might benefit from replacing the caps and resistors with new, 1% precision tolerance parts. Another direction that you could explore is the excellent NAD PP2 phono preamp. I would recommend an upgraded power supply like I did (a 2 amp 24vdc regulated power supply of my own design with massive filter caps, which really cleans up the noise floor and improves dynamic range. I’ve also upgraded the op-amp to a Burson discrete V6 Classic Duo, and wired the input with balanced wire all the way from the turntable with XLR connections. A little more than you asked for, but fun if you’re good with the soldering iron. 
This is both self-serving and sincere.  I began my vinyl era about 10 years ago with the NAD PP2.  I had nothing to compare and was happy for years.  I upgraded about 1.5 years ago to the Project Tube Box DS and loved the improvement.  I have been building an ARC system and picked up a PH5 a few weeks ago and again loved the improvement.  My Project is for sale here.  It retailed for $700 when I got it for $600 and now it retails for $400 after discounts.  I have it listed at $299.  If you don't want to mess with mine, pick up a new one for $400.  I think you will be pleased.  Good luck!
Buy yourself a JLTi phono stage for about $750 USD if you will convert the price from AUD. It can be supplied with special power supply for a bit higher price. If your budget is limited just buy one without special PSU and nothing can beat it at this price and at much higher price. 
save up a little and get the highly regarded IfI Iphono2 under $499. very good for the money MM/MC with tons of loading options. You would honestly need to spend well over $1k to get close to the performance of the IFI. 
I'm sorry, but i have to remind that iPhono is Made in China and MANY users have a problems with brand new units. Some users replaced 2-3 units under warranty and still have got serious problems. This phono stage must be avoided, seriously. I have tried one in my system, there is NO optional loading for MM cartridges, only for MC.  Surely not all of them are defective, but i've posted a links to another forum and even here on audiogon we have reports from some users about defective iPhono 2. In my opinion this phono stage is a crappy one. Serious phono stages are hand build by designers, but the iphono simply made in China.   
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