Phono Stage need for MC-22 pre-amp and Moving Coil

I just changed the cartridge on my MMF 5.1 table top from the moving magnet to a moving coil. Before the change the volume was fine. Now with the moving coil the volume is dramatically reduced. I am assuming I need a Phono Stage to compensate for the moving coil cartridge. Can someone confirm this is the solution and if so what Phono Stage is recommended?

Current system is: MMF 5.1 with Elite Moving Coil Goldring cartridge, McIntosh C22 pre-amp (vintage 1960's), McIntosh MC275 amp (vintage 1960's), Belden Cables, Usher Mini Dancer II speakers.

Thanks for the responses.
You can use a SUT instead of buying a whole new phono stage. Bob's Devices or Silvercore are excellent for the money.
I spent a good part of the afternoon evaluating the phone pre amps and transformers that would solve this issue. In the end i went with a transformer. the most expensive route but kept my tube system in place with no SS intrusion and sounds outstanding. The transformer is a Lyra Erodion; I am pleased.