Phono stage in vintage Marantz?

I'm considering buying a vintage Marantz 2325 receiver. It has 125 wpc and sounds excellent with cds. The seller doesn't have a turntable so I can't audition its phono stage. Does anyone know whether the phono preamp in vintage Marantz receivers were any good? I'm on a limited budget and would rather not spring for a separate phono preamp if I don't need to. Thanks.
I would imagine it was quite good, as the sole reason for a receiver in those days, other than to listen to FM, was to play records--line stages were really of secondary importance. My old SR-1000 had a pretty decent phono stage, and that was an entry-level solid state unit. Why not buy the unit, since you like it with CDs, then listen to its phono stage and decide then whether you need a separate phono stage.
Would you hear much of a difference if you used a high end phono pre with your marantz-probably not. The marantz is a nice receiver and the phono should treat you well. I doubt you are using a $5000 turntable with it anyway.
Thanks. I'm wondering if you've actually used or heard the 2325's phono output? I have a Thorens TD-320 with a new Ortofon Super OM 20 cartridge and the turntable/cartridge sales guy is the one who cautioned me against the Marantz -- actually, he said if I buy it I'm going to need to buy a separate phono preamp (from him) in order to satisfy my ears. Thanks.
I think Rcprince is right. If you feel the sound of the line stage is great, you will be thrilled with the phono section.
The level of performance is always restricted by the least performer in the chain and the Marantz phono section is no doubt its greatest strength. Your salesman either doesn't know what he's talking about or he's just looking to sell you an extra. In either case, he should be avoided in the future. What is your analogue rig?
As I say in the previous post, I have a Thorens TD-320 with new Ortofon Super OM 20. Thanks.