Phono stage ideas

Not sure if this should go in the analog or amplifier section, but here goes...

Thinking of the hundreds of LPs I have sitting on shelves or in peach crates just waiting to be played, and am seriously considering taking the plunge back into analog.

You can see my system at the link below. Ayre amplification and Vandy 5A's are the key elements for this discussion. I have eclectic musical taste: female vocalists, jazz, small acoustic arrangements, a bit of classical, and lots of blues, classic and modern rock. Just about anything but country and rap.

I'm leaning heavily toward a VPI Classic with a Lyra Delos cartridge, and need to identify the right phono stage, hopefully in the $2500 range.

With my Ayre gear, my original thought was to simply go with the P-5xe, which should have some synergy and has the advantage of being able to run balanced to my pre-amp. Then I read the reviews of the Parasound JC-3, which were very positive. And I've toyed with the idea of going the tube route, thinking I might be able to stretch to get a ARC PH-7 used (about $1000 or so more, but might be worth it...).

Would welcome any feedback from those with experience with those units in particular, as well as other suggestions in that general price range.

Thanks, and happy listening!
Dawgfish...I would also recommend you put the Nagra BPS on your shortlist to audition in that price range. Excellent phono stage. Happy hunting.
Any pre-owned Whest Audio PS30RDT around?
Great phono stage.
I have also been looking in that range and the new Sutherland 20/20 looks pretty good as well. If memory serves, the JC3, BPS and 20/20 are all just under $2500.
If you can afford, the PH-7 without a doubt. You will not be disappointed!
I 2nd the Nagra BPS if you prefer to buy new. It is a terrific performer. But if you can stretch enough to get a used PH-7, that would be even better, and would give you more features and convenience.
Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful input. When it comes time, I'll try to listen to all the suggested units.

Happy Listening!
TRON Phono stage heard it at HIGHWATER SOUND in NYC.Wonderful tube based unit great stage deep natural wonderful bass midrange airy highs.
The Tron is excellent, but not cheap. I compared it with my K&K phono stage and there was'nt a lot in it. The K&K should be less than half the price, particularly if you can wield a soldering iron. You don't see many people getting rid of theirs. Look at the web site