Phono stage hum - Rega Aria

Hi folks, trying to solve a hum issue and would appreciate any thoughts. Rega Aria phono stage, into a PrimaLuna Dialogue tube preamp, then to Bel Canto SS mono's. 

With the tonearm NOT plugged into the phono stage, there's a hum.(especially when set to MC vs. MM)
Rega powered off, no hum while preamp at max volume. Turn the phono stage on, there's the hum...I hold the phono stage in the air, 4 feet from everything, same hum. When I hover it over my preamp, the hum gets much louder due to interference. Magnaplanar 1.7i speakers very quiet until that phono stage enters the chain.

Haven't tried a cheater plug...but have tried 2 diff interconnects (Better Cables/Silver Serpent and BJC LC1) from the phono stage to the PrimaLuna, and 2 different power cables (Furutech FP-S022N and factory cable) into a Furman Elite 15-DMi. 

Either this Rega Aria is a noisy phono stage, or I've somehow got a ground loop in there with it. It's really not bad at lower volumes, but sucks when that hum breaks the silence at louder volumes between songs/sides. 
Opinion - is this phono stage a weak link in my system? Maybe it would be fine if I find a way to eliminate that hum. 

JA Michell Gyro TT
Rega RB 808 tonearm
Ortofon Cadenza Black cart
Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp
Rega Aria phono stage
Bel Canto M500 mono amps
Furman Elite 15-DMi power
Magnaplanar 1.7i

Better Cables/Silver Serpent interconnects
Blue Jean Cables for phono and Maggies
Furutech FP-S022N power/outlet

Cheers, thanks for any advice! 
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Another update ...
I’ve been demoing a Graham Slee Accession with PSU 1 and CuSat50 RCA cables. There was some hum but greatly reduced from the the Rega Aria. I’d recommend participating in their loaner program if you are interested.
Hey all, little late to the thread but recently bought a Rega P8 with Apheta 3 and Aria MK3. No hum but same hiss/white noise at 35% volume and above. Changed out for second MK3 same issue. No issue when going to my existing preamp phone stage. Hiss is only on MC setting on MK3 which is of course what I need for Apheta 3. Tried most all suggestions above but still hiss. Rest of system is dead quiet. Guess I am looking for a  different phono stage now, a shame as sound was good but no reason to settle for hiss. System: Classe’ amps and preamp, Thiel CS2 and magniplanar 3.7’s, furman power conditioning. 
I was cursing my Aria for a hum. I tried moving a few things around on the rack and then twisted the cables from the P6 table and the hum went away completely...

OK - this may be the problem ...
- the Aria is not "grounded" via the mains cable
- it’s ground point is "relative" to the neutral side of its circuit - which SHOULD be at ZERO volts
- the images I have seen shows ONLY a 2 pin mains socket.

Even if there are versions with a 3 pin plug - the ground pin may not be connected to the neutral side of the circuit

This can present problems with certain amps - one I know for sure is NAIM - they design their components such that ONLY the source components provide the ground point and not the amp - so you get hum if the source is not properly grounded - as in this case

I had a similar issue with a "consumer grade" CD player and my NAIM amp

Any component that uses an "isolated" power supply design like the Aria may suffer hum issues (in some systems)
- Components that use Walwart power supplies can also create hum

There should be NO HUM at all !!!

The easy solution is - to make up a ground wire...
- connect one end of a piece of wire to the ground pin on a mains plug
- connect the other to the ground terminal on the Aria
- plug the mains plug into a wall outlet or power bar - whichever you use
- for best results use a spade connector on the end connected to the Aria

If that does not cure the hum you may need to ground the neutral side of your system...
- as before - add the mains plug to a piece of wire
- connect the other end to the neutral side of a cheep RCA plug
- connect the RCA to any unused RCA socket on only ONE of your components
- experiment with different components - it can make a difference

WARNING: - DO NOT GROUND AT THE AMP in this manner IF...
- your amp is a fully differential design (i.e. with balanced speaker outputs)
- in this case - ground at a source component ONLY

There could be hum due to a noisy transformer, but that’s a very rare occurrence these days - certainly not in most modern components

Proper grounding is essential in all systems, but for some reason designers seem to think isolated designs provide something superior

The debate between Isolated and grounded designs will rage on ad-nauseum
- the problem comes when trying to mix the two approaches in a single system
- then you may experience hum.

I’m yet to see/hear of an isolated design that works in EVERY system

In my case - even with my current Bryston amp -
- My Simaudio Moon phono stage is whisper quiet at full volume - it is a properly grounded design.
- However, - IF the Phono Stage is disconnected from the system, my Node 2i (with an isolated power circuit) will cause hum
- but grounding my system as above WOULD fix the issue.
- So you may only have to ground ONE of your source components !

ONE LAST THOUGHT - if the hum gets louder as the cartridge approached the motor, you may need to ground the motor - a common fix IF using a Grado cartridge on some Rega Turntables

- You could buy all components from a single brand
- that should work :-)

Hope that helps - Steve

I found this guy talking about this here also: