Phono stage hum at midpoint on volume control.

I’m getting considerable hum on my phono stage when I turn it up around 50-60 on the volume control. When I disconnect the phono rca’s from the phono stage it goes away.


With the SME? How many ground connections on that table/arm. If motor and arm are both grounded and have continuity between them or if there’s no ground connection to either than that might be it.

Just starting with the obvious.


-You list two different turntables in your components list. Which one is giving you the hum problem (or are both)?

-Does the hum increase in volume as you increase the volume level?

-I'm assuming you're not playing any vinyl when hearing the hum, correct?

-Is this something you're just noticing, or have you made some recent changes (cables, phono stage, etc.), and are now hearing hum?

Have you checked and confirmed that the tonearm ground cable is connected to the phono stage ground screw/terminal?

@nonoise asked a good question as well.


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