Phono Stage Hiss

Can the forum advise on source and possible cures for Phono Stage Hiss/Hum?

I have noticed a faint hiss-hum emanating from my phono stage. The system is a Shelter 90X, SME IV tonearm, Silver Audio Silver Breeze Cable to Pass Labs X-Ono.

Narrowing down the source of the problem:
1) Only audible when the tone arm is up;
2) Only audible when the pre-amp (Pass Labs X1) is in high gain mode;
3) No other sources (tuner, cd player or open channel) are impacted even in high gain mode;
4) Hiss/Hum is eliminated when the tone-arm cable is disconnected from the phono stage (Pass Labs X-Ono).

This would suggest that the problem is noise from the cable, tonearm or shelter 90X. I haven't tried swapping any of these out.

It may be entirely normal, but I thought I'd ask any how. Your thoughts are appreciated. The easiest solution is, of course, simply getting LPs back rotating.
If you don't have hiss when the arm is down and playing a record,
then why bother with it ? Go with the easiest solution and enjoy
spinnin' !
hiss and hum are usually different things. Hiss, especially as you describe it is likely normal. Just the noise floor in your system. If you have to turn your preamp to hi gain to hear it, with no music...then Yogiboy likely has good advice. My guess as to what your hearing is the tremendous gain of your (and most) phono stages. Your other sources cd player tuner don't have to amplify such small signals as your phono stage...

If it's a hum, could be a grounding/ground loop issue. The more hum you get out the better.
Thanks for the clarification of hiss vs hum. I only get hum (which kinda-of sound similar but not the same) when I disconnect the ground wire at the back of the X-Ono.

I agree it is simply the noise floor. I'm tempted to use the low-gain at pre-amp volume rather than a lower volume and hi-gain. That seems to lower the noise floor further.

Thanks again...
I think you're doing the right thing...use the settings that result in the lowest noise. Good luck !