Phono stage for my system?

I am getting back into my vinyl collection and would like some recommendations from vinyl enthusiasts. My equipment includes the following. 

Ayre K-5xe pre-amp - no phono stage
Pro-ject Debut III turntable with stock Ortofon cartridge (OM 5e I believe)
Proceed HPA2 amp
Aerial Acoustics Model 8b speakers

I am currently using the phono stage in my Integra video processor/pre-amp the signal from which passes through the Ayre pre-amp. I find it lacking in detail and soundstage even when listening to some excellent DG and Decca classical recordings. I realize my cartridge may pose some limitations, so let me know if you view that as an area for potentially greater improvement. 

Given the level of my turntable and cartridge, my budget is up to $1,000 for the phono stage, with the understanding I may choose to upgrade the cartridge or turntable in the future.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 

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Am monitoring on Audiogon, U.S. Audiomart and Hi-fi Shark.  It may be too early to make an offer on this Ayre unit.  My friend is loaning me his Ayre P-5xe to listen over a weekend.  May not be able to do it for a couple of weeks, based on our schedules.  I want to hear it first before seeking a pre-owned unit.

Also, after input from many of you and a dealer I've worked with, it would seem that an Ortofon 2m Bronze would be a suitable upgrade for my turntable, my musical tastes and the kind of sound I prefer (more neutral than warm, emphasis on resolution).  Anything more costly would be overkill given its tonearm, etc.  My turntable just could not use truly high end cartridges to best advantage, nor can my budget afford it.  And per my prior observation, I'd have to spend $1,500 or more to get a new turntable and cartridge that would be materially better once the new cartridge is installed.  Ortofon recommends the 2m Blue as an upgrade, but the dealer suggests (as have several of you) that the 2m Bronze is far superior, quieter, more resolving.  The Ortofon is also a good physical fit for my tonearm.  The dealer has a return policy so I will give it a try.     
If you're still open to suggestions, I'm a big believer in tubes in the vinyl signal path and would note that you could get a used Audio Research PH-1 for about $500 and a used PH-3 for around $1000.  ARC gear is built like tanks and the company stands behind their products.  Might be worth checking out.  Happy listening.