Phono Stage for KEF LS50 Wireless. Ideas? Recommendations?

After a lengthy hunt for a home audio upgrade, I’ve settled on the KEF LS50 Wireless. Fantastic speakers. I highly recommend them.

Can anyone comment on their experience pairing the LS50 Wireless with a phono section? 80% of my collection is vinyl. It’s unclear to me whether splurging on a nice phono preamp is a good idea, since the signal will be processed by the speakers anyway.

(As a side note: I’d also be interested in knowing whether the LS50 Wireless will "play nice" with a general-purpose preamplifier, as this would allow feeding multiple sources into the single RCA input.)

Totally open to suggestions.

Parameters are:

- sub $1500, new or used
- to pair with a Rega Planar 3 running Elys
- playing rock and roll, blues, jazz and classical
- tubes or not, no set preference here
- mono button and/or headphone jack a bonus

*Current shortlist consists of:

- Mofi Ultraphono (about $500 - includes both mono and headphone out! - but scant reviews)
- Rega Aria
- Project Phono Box RS
- Sonneteer Sedley (Before the LS50s I ran a Sonneteer Alabaster integrated and am a huge fan of their work)
- A used Bryston BP2 - again, not much on the review front, but their reputation precedes them

Thanks in advance, everyone!
Hi pupil, You have to use a phono preamp to bring the signal up to line level when your using the RCA inputs on the LS50W. The owners manual states this as well. So, any phono pre amp will work. One of the phono pre amps you mention should work beautifully. Congrats on your purchase, these speakers require about 50-100 hours to break-in. How long have you had them? Also, I would highly consider a E series sub from JL Audio. (E110, E112) connects using a rca from your main LS50 speaker.

Matt M
There is a Croft phono stage that just popped up here on Audiogon, asking price $599. Keep it British!
I'm curious of what you chose here as I'm up against a similar decision. I'm also wondering about the general purpose preamp so I can run multiple sources into the KEF's single RCAs? My main two inputs would be a Node 2 and a turntable. I want a analog connection for the Node so I can have full MQA when needed. My price range is in the $500ish range though. Two that I have been looking at:
-Emotiva SP-1 (is the phono section any good?)
-Parasound Zphono w/USB

Any others to consider?

Thanks for any input.
Is using a Jolida tube phono preamp a waste since the signal will be converted by the speakers?  
I'm using Yaqin MS33B with Project Debut Carbon Espirit with just the LSX wireless and it sounds damn good.
I'm using a Pro-ject Tubebox S for a bit of tube-y goodness in the mix.
Works well with MM and MC carts.

Thought about going with a pre-amp with phono/multiple inputs too. 
Musical Surroundings makes nice quiet and neutral phono stages.  You should be able to find a used Nova Phonomena in your price range.  If you want to save some money, try a Parks Puffin.