Phono stage for DL103

I'm setting up a new turntable with a Denon DL103 cartridge. Now I need a MC preamp for this low output cart.
My budget is around or less than $500,00 and I am considering the Schiit Mani, the Hafler PH60 and the Angle Audio Reference 2. All these as new; if something used comes up at a good price I will consider it too.
Any opinions/experiences about these phono preamps? Or what would you advise to pair with the DL103?
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Yes to the Schiit Mani with the Denon DL103.  Very solid choice for $150.  It is what I use.  

I use a Jasmine phono stage (previously with DL103R and now with the DLS1).  Read some of the reviews found on this site.
I've  got your preamp. Ive used it for 103 and as a matter of fact, i have a highly modded 103 here for sale, too.

Anyway, i have an Acoustech ph1 available. I just happen to have two. They were built by Ron Sutherland and were consider class A by Stereophile when new. 

Contact me and ill be glad to work out a price with you.

I have this one and use it for MC-very happy
Thank you for the comments and suggestions.
In the meanwhile I met someone (an audio geek) that designs, makes and sells phono stages among other things.
I went to his shop where I could see and listen to his products and got convinced. So in just a few days I will have a new phono preamp custom made to my specs. And the price is very convincing too - around $150,00.