Phono Stage for denon 103r reccomendations

I purchased a beautiful turntable from vinyl nirvana (link) and a denon 103r lomc cart.

Currently using a emotiva xps-1 phono stage and am looking for recommendations on an upgrade.

Budget is ~$1000.

Also willing to take other opinions if you think money is better spent on other areas of system.

Rest of the system is:

parasound halo p5 pre amp
minidsp ddrc-24 (also have ddrc-22)
emotiva xpa-200 amp
monitor audio gold 300 loudspeakers
Monitor audio gold w15 sub
Simmaudio Moon 110LP - $650

I have the LP5.3 RS (an older phono stage) with a Soundsmith’d Denon 103 and it is extremely quiet (even at full volume)

The 110LP shares similar design principles and configuration features as the LP5.3, making it suited to most cartridges.

My combination is superb - I won’t be parting with either any time soon

The 110LP should last you a very long time :-)

If you do tire of it - their products tend to command high resale values

I was able to get a Moon LP 5.3 ... what settings did you find worked best with your denon?