Phono Stage for a VPI Prime Scout

Hi All-
I'm trying to whittle away at the TT?phono stage learning curve. Tried a TT and a few records months ago and really have enjoyed it so much that I am going to get a VPI Prime Scout. The recommendations for the phono stages are so numerous that I thought I could narrow it down by polling the vast experience of this forum. Any suggestions, regrets or thoughts?

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How much ya wanna spend, tops?
What can I get in the $1,000 range? I may upgrade to the Prime, or something else at the level in the future, so it would be nice if this was the last phono stage I need.
Try and put as much into the phonostage-at least half the retail cost of the Prime. You'll get something that will get the most of whatever cartridge used.

Consider a used piece to allow you to spend more.
If you can squeeze your budget up just a tad to 1400 you can step into a used manley chinook. pretty darn good until you start spending a ton more.