Phono Stage: EAR 834P VS JLTi

Want to get you a'goners opinions on these two phono stages. My rig: Pro-Ject RM-9 w/ blackbird cartridge, NAD M3 integrated. I am auditioning the JLTi now, and I am very happy with it, but I keep wondering if I should have gone with the 834P. I had a bellari vp-129 before, and I liked the tube sound, although there is no comparison with the JLTi in terms of clarity and bass. I would appreciate any opinions on these two, especially in relation to my setup.

-Ed Hourigan (A'gon Newbie)
What is the JLTi? pricing and a short description? MM/MC?Tube or SS? Otherwise, you should have gone with 834P.
I am considering a phono stage, JLTi is is one of the first ones on my list, EAR834p needs to be modded to sound its best, I will probably get a used one and mod it myself. If you are using MC, JTLi is best since the 834 can really pick up, you will need an extra transformer...

I would say good choice!!
Relax and enjoy.

i've owned the jlti for several months, and love it. there was a pretty long break in period, and i also had to play around the with the setting to get it where i felt it was really delivering. make sure you try all the settings. what i like best about it is that it gets out of the way. it's extremely neutral and quiet. im using a tube amp and pre, so i like having some ss in my chain, but i do find the jlti to be very liquid and tube like in it's presentation. i also love the small footprint. bottom line is that if you need to continue to audition, do so. but this is one special pre and you're not going to find many better, especially for the price.

good luck.

oh, audiomax, do a search here for jlti and you'll find info.