Phono Stage, Cables, etc for VPI Scoutmaster II?

I have a VPI Scoutmaster II on the way with Ortofon 2M Black cartridge, and wanted to get some input on matching up some components:

1. Phono cables? (under $500)
2. Power cord? (under $500)
3. (Cheap) Dustcover (but not a plastic bag!)
4. Phono stage? ($1200 or less)

I like detailed, clean, fast, and musical sound. Right now my system is teetering on the edge of too much warmth (downstream from the VPI I have a tubed BAT preamp and either a pair of tubed mono blocks or a Pass Labs x150 solid state amp.)

Use the stock power cable and go with a nicer phono pre amp like this one.

phono-preamp>Liberty B2B-1


b2b-1-phono-preamplifier>Positive Feedback


And yes I do make them :-)

Good Listening

Thanks Peter,
The first 3 links didn't work, but I was able to google and find them. Your B2B-1 has some positive reviews. Currently, I have a pair of Dali Helicon 400 MkI floor standing speakers, and my mid-bass is maxed out, can't do any more. As such, my concern with using the B2B-1 is TOO MUCH bass, as the reviews appeared to say that the low end was pretty fat.
In any case, will consider it, I see there is a 2 week trial period.
Morrow Audio phono cables are very clear and quick, I use a PH-4 to good effect.
While I firmly "believe" that good power cords can be nice improvement. Do not use them for a turntable.

Phono cable: Nordost Heimdall 2. Not overly expensive just a good phono cord.

Phono pre amp: Roksan DXP SE or RCM Prelude. I own the RCM but regret that I didn't buy the Roksan. The Roksan costs a bit more but is better. Both are over your budget but if you do not buy a dustcover and fancy power cord they should be withing reach. Or even buy a cheaper phono cable. Like the Nordost Leif blue Heaven phono cable.
1. VPI
2. Whatever you get, make sure the IEC isn't too big or it will interfere with the back leg on that side. I wouldn't spend too much money. It's just feeding a motor.
3. DigitalDeckCovers
4. All kinds of good ones in that $ range. I have a Trigon Vanguard II, and it is nice.
Ok, thanks folks, I'll nix the power cord idea, no problem with that.
I like the idea of the Nordost Heimdalls as well. I use mostly Nordost ICs & SCs in my system anyway (at about the Heimdall/Frey/SPM performance level).
Also, a guy at a local high end store in San Francisco told me that they generally recommend 2 cables for the Scoutmaster: a Transparent Audio model & the Synergistic Research Tricon.
What do you like about the Morrows?

Can I ask what TT you use them with? Is the shielding adequate?
thx, Gary
Congrats on the new table & cartridge. I won't comment on the cable, cord & phono stage. You'll get plenty of opinions. But I will on the dustcover since you want a cheap one.

Consider having a custom one made by these guys...

I had them build one for me for my Project RM5.1 SE to my specs, complete with cable cut-outs in back and I think it cost about $100, shipping included. It took about 2 weeks to get to me from time of order. Highly recommended for a great cover at a reasonable price. And you dictate the dimensions that work best for you.
Igraber, The shielding is very adequate , I live 3 miles from a powerful FM tower and no problem.
I used them on a Project Xpersssion and a Sony PS-X7 modded with RCA outs which is quite a decent table .
They just play music better than any stock cord I ever heard
and have no flaw I hear. Imagine they would work on anything.
Well, I found a good deal on a Demo Lehmann black Cube SE II, so I picked it up. Out of the box, it sounds more naturally smooth than the Nano II, but that's on 1970s Marantz 6300 TT, I haven't received the Scoutmaster II yet. Now just need some to phono cables (considering the Morrows)....