Phono Stage Burn-in

I just got a new Phono Stage, a Sim Audio LP 5.3, and was wondering what I can do to accelerate burning it in. I know there's a CD you can buy that will work properly for Phono burn-in, but don't really want to spend the dough on something I will only use maybe a few times in my life. Anyone know if there are any downloadable tracks suitable for breaking in a phono stage with a CD, or an alternative method that doesn't involve running my TT, or allows me to run it on a loop, since I'll be working a lot the next few weeks and not able to break it in by listening.

Try this from Tara Labs
I've used the Phono Burn-in & RIAA Test CD from UHF magazine:
Hagerman's inexpensive ($49) iRIAA inverse RIAA filter is a great tool for phono stage break - in. Put a CD on infinite repeat, feed it into the iRIAA, feed the iRIAA's output into your phono stage. Let it run for as long as you want.
Play records?
Thanks for the responses, but I was more specifically know if there are any ways to break-in without spending money or spinning records, since I won't be able to play for a while and want to burn in while I'm away for work. I was looking more to see if anyone has made any tracks available for download that I could play off my server--see above.

So, let's try this again.


The answer is yes, but you still need the RIAA curve to play through a phono stage. Thus, Hagerman's product.

If you don't want to spend any money, and it certainly isn't needed here, just spin records while you learn about how the sound changes during breakin.
IIRC, Jim supplies the schematic for the iRIAA freely. You could cobble one together for the cost of parts (none of which are exotic in the least) for maybe $10-$15. Pretty? No, but it would get the job done. The beauty of the iRIAA is that you can select between -40 and -60dB which is useful for breaking in SUTs as well. Good, useful product.

You can't run your server dircetly thru your phono stage, need the reverse RIAA generator, I use the KAB with burn in tracks from either XLO or Stereophile Test CD3 discs. Using your turntable will cause a lot of needless wear on cartridge.