Phono stage as good as CJPV-11?

I am moving to an integrated amp which has a so-so phono stage.
My Cj has what I believe an excellent phono stsge. Is there anything out there that compares to this phono stage of this preamp? The phono stage is similiar to the Pv-12. Would I be better off just keeping the preamp for a phono stage, since I bet it would cost just as much $800 or more, to better or meet it's sound. Thanks for any help. I am running an MM cartridge and don't need MC now.
If you're running MM only I would keep the preamp and use it as your phono stage. I did something similar once and used the tape output of my preamp w/phono into one of the integrated amps inputs. Worked fine with a MM cartridge. If you decide to switch to a MC cartridge in the fuure then you can look into a new phono stage.
You didn't say how old your PV11 is, but I'm guessing you've had it for awhile. I tried the same thing with my admittedly lower priced PV10 - I used it as a phono preamp into my various line stages by utilizing the tape outs.
I have to say, I borrowed a friends Channel Islands phono preamp recently and plugged in my VPI/Blackbird ...oh man, I just about peed my pants - now THIS is vinyl as I've heard and read about! And the CI only goes for 300 clams plus the 150 buck power supply, which is optional. I bought one the next day and am in vinyl heaven for really teh first time in my system. Wat lower noise floor, way more detail - I'm wearing out my records listening.

I've heard that the Bellari 200 buck tube pre easily outmatches the older CJ preaamps too, but can't confirm.

So I would have to say, if you can, borrow a newer phono stage and compare - I bet you find as I did that the old CJ ophono stages aren't up to what's out there today for not a lot of dough.
Good luck!
PV1 sperate.More noise than other but bought used is great deal.You know you are geting tubes and euphonics.I was going to match my EAR 834 intergated amp with the 834 phono which sells very quickly hear when posted but have a VPI table which allows quick change of cartridges so I am looking for something that has at minnimum switch for two cartridges.EAR phono has that polus guys like Mitch Singerman can upgrade wirring capacitor etc and you can ad a NOS tube for beter sound.But think I am going to go with (and I am a tube guy) a PS Audio phono which is based on it's scecret technology "gain cell)But has easy to reach knobes in back (not DIPS where you need to pop he yop to change loading and capacintance plus gain cell driven with front volume control.Has button on front and a phase button (many LP's recoded out of phase.All this for $1000.An original model Accoutech got snapped up fopr $60 half it's list and has been reviewe fave at it's price )now new for $1500).If you want tube sound it can be intrduced at phono stage but many tube pre's have solid state phono section.Biggest tube effect would be in power amp.But sinc eit can roll off highs,not have dynamic slam,and less bass all things considered many folks have it in thie pre section./Don't think it's necessary in phono as much a iot would be in pre so don't lok at phonp section as important place for tubes or solid state just get best your budget can afford.Like zi said I know that the CJ EV1 is a pip fpr a tube unit though.Even though I can get it new for 40% I am going to go for one $500 less and buy new $1K PS even though I can only find one for 25% off but that CJ was definitley on short listOh lastly if you can swing it Krell KPE for $1250 used (42800) is not as hard and britle as many say and some krell equipment can be(I sold them for 6)years-lot's of resolution and with proper matching a good bet if bought used.It was tough when you said beter because that's wide open criteria not mentioning price or sound plus other gear to compliment.
so it is good to hear from Slaw3 about how it can bettered so easily. I have a Bugle Pro under construction and if that does not go as planned a Cambridge 640p under consideration.

I have 'read' that the Cambrdige 630p is on a par with the CI and I don't have to spring for the power supply!