phono stage and cartridge value

Hi, my first ever thread started on audiogon.I have decided to get out my old LP collection.To that end.....

I am an old guy with some old equipment and limited expendable $. I am in need of a cartridge and all associated sound stage, etc for the analog side of things.
I have;
1. A VPI TNT 3.5 turntable system
2. A SAEC WE-317s arm that I am taking off of my old "clockwork orange" turntable.
3. B&W speakers
4. Quick silver mono amps
5 Mark levenson preamp, CD player, etc

Looking for a recomendation on the cartridge and stage equipment. I would like good value [so I like looking for used components, just do not kbnow which ones]. My hearing is not the best so at a certain point the overly expensive equipment, with the goal of keeping up with the neighbors, is not germain. Dollars I would like to spend is 1,500 or so.

TX, for the help
Two phono stages come to mind the PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamp, and Phonomena II phono preamp. Both are very adjustable so you could use either an MM or MC cartridge.

conrad johnson ev-1
The SimAudio LP5.3 is an excellent phono stage in your price range. I also like the PS Audio GCPH which has the advantage of remote control gain, mono and phase.
Redgum phono stage with optional big power supply from and Garrott MM cartridge, various models from
Both are Australian companies. The phono stage would be about $800 new plus shipping and I would get $600 or so Garrott cartridge.
There are of course many other options, but that's what might work very well, it is also easy to get and you will have a warranty.
Eriona01, Manitunc, and Inna, this thread is more than a year and a half old. I'm sure the original poster bought what he needed long ago.
Damn, I didn't pay attention. Thank you for telling us.