Phono stage advice

I am choosing from this list!

1-Simaudio moon Discont model LP 5.3 new with guaranty=1100

2-PS audio=649 shipped

3-Allnic H200 =1000

and any other you can suggest!

my set up.

Amp-Ayon Triton

Speakers-Acoustic Zen crescendos

Turntable-Rega P-5 with DV 10X5

Cables - AZ Silver II and Hologram II

CDP Sony 5400es

DAC PS perfect wave DAC

Tuner-Kenwood KT 8300

Ipod dock Onkyo Japan model

Help pls,

I will not go ahead without your advice, for dealers the best its whatever they carry!


ProJect Tube Box 11 SE at $750.
Hagerman Cornet II at 650.00
I will definitely go with a unit designed around an LCR transformer for RIAA equalization. Unless it's beyond your budget, the Allnic H-1500 II SE model should be seriously considered. Guaranteed, you will not regret it.

good luck
Out of the 3 choices u give the allnic is my favorite. But I would look for a tube phono stage if u can find one used. It may work better than all of them.