Phono Stage Advice

For anyone using the Dynavector DV-20X Low MC cartridge on their VPI Scoutmaster / JMW-9 Siganture / SDS combo, what phono stage are you using? How satisfied are you with your choice?

I'm presently using the Dynavector P-75 MKII but will be upgrading to a Heed Audio Quasar in the next week or two (working on freeing up some cash).
i'm using that rig except with the hi- output version (orig. needed that but after later buying the separate phonostage, i would prefer low output)--i'm pairing it with an arc ph 5 and its utterly amazing, incredibly musical--absolutely love it.
High output version ... with a Hagerman Trumpet phono stage. Beautiful, fast, detailed and overall musical.

I'm using that exact combo with a Cayin Phono-One. I had to change out the coupling caps with VH Audio V-Caps in order to get a full measure of the setup. My lps now sound absolutely wonderful.

The problem is ascertaining the comparative quality of the Cayin, even more so as it is modded. I've yet to see a review of this phono stage. I can only say from design and build quality this should stand fairly high in the phono stage heiarchy.

I've previously used that Dynavector phono stage, the Pro-ject Tube Box, Bellari, Arc SP9 MKII and Jolida phono stages, no contest, those are relatively low resolution compared to my modded Cayin.

I can only say, get the best phono stage you can afford, this will make big time changes in sound. Based on my experience with vinyl, I'm now pretty convinced phono stages make the greatest difference in vinyl setups. I would also stick with a phono stage with low output MC capability.
Missed it, I'm using 10.5i sig. arm, upgraded from 9 sig. arm.