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Hello -

On my second system I am selling my amplifier so I will need a phono stage. What can you recommend? The associated equipment is:
TT: Music Hall 7.1
Amp: Cary CAD 200
Pre: Cary CPA 1
Speakers: Acoustic Zen Adagio

Things I was considering was:

Dynavector P75
Anything tell me...Vinyl is not my expertise.

Thanks for your time and help!
Diamonds, you haven't given us a budget or told us what cartridge you plan to use. But judging from your other components, I'd put the EAR 834P at the top of your list. This thing breaths life into vinyl like nothing else near its price. Don't underestimate the importance of a phono stage. Read the EAR reviews:
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The EAR phono amp with a few easy upgrades is a huge value *especially* if you can run the MM vs MC setting.
For upgrades see Mitch Singerman in LA.
An unique feature of the EAR (with volume option) is that you can connect it directly to your amp. This may not appeal to everyone, but for signal path purists and passive pre advocates, it doesn't get any better than this.

I just discovered the EAR costs quite a bit more than it did in 1998 when the SoundStage review was done. I should have known this, but I thought it was still around $1000. The distributer just told me:

The retail for the black version (with or without volume) is $1595. The chrome version retails for $2195.

If the EAR is out of your price range, I'd recommend the Black Cube or a Musical Surroundings Phonomena over the Dynavector P75 or the CIAudio. For under $500 used, IMHO they're the best sounding phono pre's you'll find. I've heard the Black Cube and I own the Phonomena. A review of the Phonomena can be found here:

But before you buy a phono preamp, you should be thinking about cartridges. The two go hand in hand.

Best of luck in your decision. -Mark
The Bellari is supposed to be very good , and only $250