Phono settings + Koetsu RSP

Phono card :
Load OHMS : 47k, 100, 400, 85
Gain DB : 44, 55, 62, 64,5

What combination to use with a 0.25mV Koetsu RSP or I will need a step-up?

Platinums have very low output. Suggest maximum gain. In my experience, load of 85 probably the best.
I agree with mgottlieb, that your phono card will be max'ed out as far as gain. (I think you will be pushing your preamp gain up as well to get this cartridge to high sound levels.) I really think you need a gain of about 70-75 for that cartridge.

As far as loading, anything in the 85-100 range should be good, but it somewhat depends on your arm's cable. I suggest you experiment with the loading to see what sounds best, if you can.
thank you both,

if I go for a step-up(Bent TX103), should I set 47K and 44DB?
I know there are people who swear by 47K, but I have always found Koetsus to need loading under 100.
100 Ohms loading
The Bent TX103 step-up reduces the impedences seen by the cartridge by a large factor. This reduction depends on the amount of step-up needed. You must set your loading at the preamp at 47K. This will give you an effective load as seen by the cartridge of 470 ohm. The Bent Audio than comes with many resistors to adjust the loading of the step-ups. I found the instructions for this loading to be POOR. You must have Bent give you exact instructions,,,, ? or you can experiment.

The problem now lies in: do you load the pre at 47K ohms, thinking you will keep the step-up, or do you get a pre with easily adjustible input Imp., this will allow you to change easily in the future?.