Phono Section on Unison Res. Unico 80w amp

Does anyone in the Audiogon community have experience using the Phono section of the Unison Research Unico (80w stock) with their analog gear. If so, how would you rate it sonically?

I'm considering getting back into serious analog (mostly jazz, accoustic and some classical). I currently own a Unico without the optional phono card and was wandering if the investment is better spent on a dedicated phono pre-amp (vs installing the phono card at a modest cost of $200).

I'm considering purchasing a VPI (used scoutmaster or aries) or rega analog equipment (used P7/9). I currently have an old vintage AR turntable with an Audio technica cart, which has not been used for years.
I was very pleasantly surprised by the phono section on my Unico. It bested the Conrad Johnson PV10a I used previously. And it's easy to switch between MM and MC when you get a new cartridge.

I'm currently using the Unico's phono section. I find it to be clean, resolving, and inkeeping with the sweet Unico sound. For a while, I was using an Antique Sound Lab mini phono in its place, but that didn't last.
Thank you for your responses - I'm now favoring the option of purchasing the optional card.

Nacnud, can you perhaps indicate the tt currently being used and the cartridges types you have tried. I noticed that Lousyreeds1 has a Nottinghan Horizon SE setup (btw, nice looking system).
I'm using an old Thorens TD 125 with a Rega RB 250 arm and Grado Platinum cart. Haven't yet had a chance to switch carts. Good luck!