Phono Section of TAD-150 Preamp - How Good?

I'm thinking about getting one of these preamps from Paul at Bizzy Bee, as I've had the Cayin TA-30 (modded) for a year now and have been completely pleased with it. Paul makes a compelling case for the added sonic virtues of mating this preamp with the Cayin, but he wasn't as confident about making claims for the preamp's phono stage. Are there any TAD-150 owners out there who use the phono stage enough to provide any help? Thanks.
Glad to see I'm not the only one who believes "EARS" over hype....GREAT PRODUCT....GREAT PRICE
I just stumbled across this thread. As part of a system movement and subsequent simplification effort, I decided to try a TAD-150 for the heck of it, at least until I made up my mind about what I REALLY wanted. I have to say that I am quite pleasantly surprised, especially by the phonostage. Is it as good as my old C-J EV-1? No, but it gets enough stuff right that I don't dwell on what it doesn't do, and instead can simply enjoy my vinyl collection. My proverbial hat is off to Paul G. (of Bizzy Bee).
Just bought a TAD-150 from Paul at Bizzy Bee, and it's now just about completely through the suggested 30-hour break-in period. This replaced a Golden Tube SEP-1SE, and is driving two mono'd Golden Tube SE-40s. My Maggie 1.6's never sounded so glorious! (I can go on waxing sonic attributes for another paragraph or two, but suffice it to say that I am very pleased with what I'm hearing.) Been looking for an affordable tube preamp with remote and a phono stage for a while, and I will tell you that this one is tough to beat, especially for under $1000.

The phono stage: The nicest I've heard in my system. (Using a Music Hall MMF-5 table with Goldring GO12 cartridge.) Great low and mid-bass punch, warm & transparent midband, smooth and definitive treble - my 1972 copy of Traffic's Low Spark of High Heeled Boys never sounded better (nor does a MFSL pressing of Pink Floyd's The Wall). Had tried the SEP-1's optional phono board plus a few different outboard units, and the TAD-150's is clearly my favorite.

Happy Listening!