Phono's $2100 to $2600

Dear all I would be interested in hearing your thoughts for a phono upgrade.  What is driving this is that I recently got a Lyra Delos and a Nordost Heimdall phono cable as presents- the sound is simply in another league than before (prior cartidge was Benz low output glider).  So now hooked- all I want to do is spin vinyl all day and all night!

The rig is VPI Aries 1 with upgraded footers, separate flywheel, and synchronose drive- the phono stage is a Trigon Vanguard II and this in turn is hooked into Prima Luna Dialogue premium (using nos 12au7's).  The amps are Pass labs xa60.5 mono's driving Thiel 3.7's.

For a long time I was looking to upgrade the preamp but now I think I will got for the phono 1st and consider a new line preamp later on unless I find a full function preamp to do it all in one shot- obviously I would have to up my budget.

Anyway, assuming I just look at the phono I think I have narrowed my choices to the following with my budget:
1. Zesto Andros (about $2.1k used)
2. Sutherland 20/20 ($2.2k new)
3. Allnic 1202 ($2.6k used)

Potentially I could also look at the PS Audio Stellas phono (the advantage here is that I can trade in my trigon for full retails $500).  And lastly, completely out of left field I have to say I have this urge to try a Sutherland PHD which just sounds like a wonderful phono that made a mark (and would be about $1k or so).

I should also add the Herron that seems to have quite a following but they simply do not show up used so I have put that one aside for the time being.,

I realize I should listen to these in my system but if buying used I can't always do that so I would very much like to get your opinions.   The system sound good but I would like better soundstage depth and texture/detail- but without going overboard on the latter.

I have been using a Andros 1.2 for over 12 months now, feeding a BAT integrated and very happy with the results.  Your Delos should provide enough output to pair well with the Jensen 44 trannies (10:1) used in the Andros MC stage.  When I I use my ZYX Airy3 and a Dynavector XV-1s, much lower output than the Delos, I feed it through a DIY SUT with Jensen 347s at 24:1.  I'm guessing that the line stage sensitivity on your PL is higher than my BAT so probably not an issue.
Over the years and prior to the Andros 1.2 I used a ARC PH3SE with and without a SUT depending on cart, a Cary PH-301MM with an SUT, ARC SP-11 MkII with and without an SUT.  All with various carts.  It really gets down to system matching.

Interesting that the Zesto, Allnic and Modwright all use transformers for their MC inputs.  Not sure if you're looking at a Andros 1 or 1.2 for $2,100 but if you can get a 1.2 at that price, I'd buy it. 
Agree with @tablejockey I've been using a NVO for many years (as well as a GN PH10) and couldn't be happier. You can still buy them new but it is rare they come up used, that should tell you something.
hello all- apologies for not responding sooner but work was been crazy.

Thank you for the great suggestions- I did a bit of reading on the NVO and it really does sound like something I should consider- and lo and behold! there is a used one for sale.  BUT it is a tad out of my range at basically $3000.

If I could get a 1.2 at $2k I would dealt- I have only been able to find the PS1 used at that price- actually not even that that price but more like $2100 or so.

Since I can get an Allnic 1202 for $2600 I kind of feel that would be the smarter proposition (it would be new open box).

I also came across Art Audio Vinyl Reference for $2000 and have heard and read very good things about it.

Lastly, do you have any experience with the phono module for the Vinnie Rossi LIO?  I could get a LIO which I have always been interested in trying against my PL- and spoke to Vinnie and he has some of the phono modules he could install.  The interesting aspect of his Phono module is that he uses Cinemag transformers for the MC gain (goes to 60db).  It is an interesting alternative.  So in ine shot I could do a preamp and phono test.

If I don't go this route and don't find an older PHD at a good price I think that for SS I may go with the PS Audio Stellar Phono Micheal Fremer loves so much .

Tube- really trying to nail down an alternative to go with.  Allnic is more that I'd like to spend if I can help it- so then there are all those others you mentioned.  And it just isn't easy!  So many good suggestions....

In terms of system synergy I think many are always trying to find the right balance between brighter and dynamic without spliing ober to overly detailed and etched,  Other situations where the phono tends to be more laid back is sometimes considered a bit boring.  For my part, with the Thiel 3.7's which are lively of themselves I am less concerned about that aspect-  what I do want to achieve is greater texture, and a deeper more defined soundstage.  As an example I was recently listening to Chet Atkins/Mark Knopfler Neck and Neck- wonderful record.  The system presents very very well- I am amazed at some of the nuances in their playing you can pick up from the grooves; and the speakers just disappear.  However I think there could be a more defined separation between Chet and Mark in a more 3 dimensional stage.  It is there but you have to follow closely to make sure you understand the intricate back and forth- I think this could be better portrayed without having to make as much of a mental effort.

Anyway, sorry I am rambling.

Just wanted to explain in a bit more detail where I am trying to go.....

Just an FYI the NVO listed on Agon is an older version the newer units (same price) have a separate power supply which makes it even more dynamic. Still an excellent all tube phono unit.