Phono's $2100 to $2600

Dear all I would be interested in hearing your thoughts for a phono upgrade.  What is driving this is that I recently got a Lyra Delos and a Nordost Heimdall phono cable as presents- the sound is simply in another league than before (prior cartidge was Benz low output glider).  So now hooked- all I want to do is spin vinyl all day and all night!

The rig is VPI Aries 1 with upgraded footers, separate flywheel, and synchronose drive- the phono stage is a Trigon Vanguard II and this in turn is hooked into Prima Luna Dialogue premium (using nos 12au7's).  The amps are Pass labs xa60.5 mono's driving Thiel 3.7's.

For a long time I was looking to upgrade the preamp but now I think I will got for the phono 1st and consider a new line preamp later on unless I find a full function preamp to do it all in one shot- obviously I would have to up my budget.

Anyway, assuming I just look at the phono I think I have narrowed my choices to the following with my budget:
1. Zesto Andros (about $2.1k used)
2. Sutherland 20/20 ($2.2k new)
3. Allnic 1202 ($2.6k used)

Potentially I could also look at the PS Audio Stellas phono (the advantage here is that I can trade in my trigon for full retails $500).  And lastly, completely out of left field I have to say I have this urge to try a Sutherland PHD which just sounds like a wonderful phono that made a mark (and would be about $1k or so).

I should also add the Herron that seems to have quite a following but they simply do not show up used so I have put that one aside for the time being.,

I realize I should listen to these in my system but if buying used I can't always do that so I would very much like to get your opinions.   The system sound good but I would like better soundstage depth and texture/detail- but without going overboard on the latter.

PL HP user here.

I'm in the tube camp. I've tried the Zesto,Herron and Allnic. All nice pieces. 

I would include the Manley Chinook in there, since they seem to appear in the used section more often than anything else. Good prices too, close to half of MSRP.

Wallet limitations always influence my purchases, so I kept my current tubed Fosgate, which I purchased new 7 years ago?
They show up now and then for cheap. A wee bit noisier than the your choices, but not a deal breaker.

They are all more similar,than different to my ears. I don't have hyper "audiophile" tastes, so I'm sure someone will respond with the "X" is inferior to ""Y" because...

Tube phonostages just seem to make a more convincing presentation than solid state. Ever notice reviews of really good SS units will include something like..."it sounds like a tube unit?"
Yes, I have been torn re ss vs tube.  Since I have a tube pre and my current phono is ss I thought ss might be ok if . the phono is superior to what I have now.
Between the Zesto and the Allnic did you notice any particular strength of one over the other.
I often find that with well designed equipment it is after a matter degrees in different areas of performance unless we are looking considerably different price ranges.  And the upgrade to my trigon at these levels should be substantial.
Even the PHD which I mentioned should be a very considerable advancement.

Sorry, you're on your own,as far as dissecting the differences between units.
My aging ears, along with tinnitus disqualify me to give any useful help.
Very subtle, to my ears if any.

As mentioned, I thought they all were nice. When I did a side by side comparison with my existing unit, I forced the S.O. the listen, she did hear differences, but she too said they were subtle. 

System/room differences also factor in one's own opinion?

I got more a "you're kidding right?  look more than anything! She said this one sounds a little more this.. but really, it's so damn subjective, I'm useless after giving you my $0.01 cent.

If I were to get something right now, I would get a Manley Chinook and call it a day. They seem to be the best value on the used market. 

I'd look for a used PL Dialogue Pre to go with your amp as well. You will have a smokin system. You then obsess about the rest of the system.
I forgot to mention in my original post-

Lyra Delos AND Nordost cable for gifts?
If they were given to you by wifey, she's a keeper!

I get practical and useful stuff-wallet  or a belt.. who needs that stuff? I want a Koetsu or vintage tubes or an original Beatle SP!!