Phono preamps for Spectral system

I have a Spectral DMC-20 series 2 with phono preamp used with the Spectral 180 amp. I am considering upgrading the preamp to a newer Spectral, but I mostly listen to analog and all the other Spectral preamps don't have a phono preamp. I hear that the phono preamp in the DMC 20 is very good, but what phono preamps would you recommend to go with a Spectral system? How do they compare to the Spectral 20?
Yes the phono in the 20 is a fabulous solid state phono. If your budget
allows I would keep the 20 for a phono stage. I would update the preamp
to a newer pre. If you can afford it, the 30SS hands down. The 15, 30SL
would be less expensive. Oh, I almost forgot, Spectral is working on a
phono stage... who knows when we will see it. Otherwise you can
use any other phono stage with a newer Spectral preamp. Use whatever
phono sounds best to you. Also if you decided to keep the 20 for a
phono stage, sell your series 2 line board to someone with the series 1
board. Series 2 much better than series 1. Swap someone with the S1
for your S2 plus cash, that way you still have a pre withe a line section
... just an idea.
Thanks. What is the best way to hook up the DMC 20 as a phone preamp? Use the tape out rcas into a newer spectral or other preamp?

What is the value of the DMC series 2 line board? The Bluebook shows the difference between a DMC 20 and Series 2 with phono board as $600 so the line board may be less?

So using a DMC 20 as a phono preamp is like using an almost $4k phono preamp. How does the Spectral DMC phono with a modern Spectral preamp compare to other used high end phono preamps like the AR7, Lamm, Balanced Audio, Manley Steelhead, ASR, Thomas Evans, etc?
The phono in the series I and II are the same. The series II change is in the line
section . So I would say the series I board plus 5-6 hundred cash for the series
II board is fair. Yes, use tape out to a new preamp.