Phono preamp X-File!

I am using an EAR 834P. I can easily pick up a radio station (CBC 1) which is clearly audible through my Totems. The problem is that I don't own a tuner! I've tried many different interconnects and power cords, but none of these seem to eliminate the weather report. Much to my delight I had a breakthrough yesterday: with my ear to the woofer, I reached over to reposition the 834P and much of the sound disappeared. I then covered as much of the top as my hand would allow and the noise was reduced even further. Does anyone use any device by Shakti or whomever else manufactures magic bricks or stones that might eliminate unwelcome RFI or EMI? Can you verify these sightings? Thank you very much if you can manage to help.
Thank God that is not a everyday common problem, have you tried useing a ferrite ring, mount it to the power cord as close to the unit as possible. See if that works. Simply Music
Yes, I've tried ferrite clamps up and down the length of my power cord. I've also tried 'The Original Cable Jacket', but I haven't yet tried grounding the unit to cold water pipes as my system is nowhere near the plumbing. Thanks, anyway!
Why don't you drop us an e-mail, we do have other ideas, but want to know more and it will take too long back and forth like this, we are a Class A dealer here, plus don't want to give out to much of our secrets, for everyone to see.